Ever wondered what music your favourite band listens too? What songs inspire the best songwriters?

In this feature we’ll speak to some of HOT VOX’s favourite new artists on the gigging scene and find out what songs shaped them to be the musicians and artists they are today and what’s on their Spotify Playlist!

Today’s playlist is curated by Henry Mitton from the band KONGG

Who is Kongg?

Kongg started life in the bedroom of composer Henry Mitton. Taking inspiration from Radiohead and Grizzly Bear and everything in between, he began writing songs at his piano. After releasing a home-recorded debut EP, the band of 4 have been playing on the London circuit for 6 months. Piano takes centre stage as they fuse a mixture of unconventional harmonies, unrelenting grooves and wailing vocal melodies.

Henry's Playlist:

Song from the first album you ever bought/listened to

Blurry by Puddle of Mudd

A Song You Wish You Had Written

All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem

A Song That Inspires You

Hum by Adult Jazz

Last Song You Purchased

Cool by Soccer Mommy

A Song That Makes You Feel Nostalgic

McFearless by Kings of Leon

Your Favourite Singalong in The Shower

Stronger Than Me by Amy Winehouse

A Song That Confirmed Your Love For Music

Exit Music (For a Film) by Radiohead

A Song You Put On When Getting Ready For A Big Night Out

You Only Live Once by The Strokes

The Song You Put On Repeat if You’ve Had Your Heart Broken

Lover, You Should Have Come Over by Jeff Buckley

Your Worst Guilty Pleasure

#GETITRIGHT by Miley Cyrus

Check out Henry from KONGG's Playlist here: 




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