Ever wondered what music your favourite band listens too? What songs inspire the best songwriters?

In this feature, we’ll speak to some of HOT VOX’s favourite new artists on the gigging scene and find out what songs shaped them to be the musicians and artists they are today and what’s on their Spotify Playlist.



Today’s playlist is curated by Martyn Peters!


Who is Martyn Peters

Well I am a solo artist from North Wales but now based in London. I grew up in a musical family, with my sisters, dad, taid (grandfather in welsh) and great grandfather all being musicians!

In 2017 I released my debut album Veins and since then I've been played on BBC Radio 6 by Steve Lamacq, supported Grammy winner Amy Wadge and been on a U.K tour!

I'm in the process of writing new material for release in 2020!


Martyn Peters's playlist

Song from the first album you ever bought/listened to?

Well the first album I ever bought with my own money was actually a Pink Floyd compilation album called Echoes in 2001 when I was 15! I was obsessed with a track Echoes which incidentally had been shortened for the compilation album from 23 minutes to a mere 16!


A song you wish you had written?

Ahh so so many, but there are two that I adore and would have loved to have written. The first is High Hopes by Kodaline. It is just beautiful, the chord progression, the melody, the lyrics, the production, just ace. And the second one is Sewn by The Feeling, and for exactly the same reasons as the last song!


A song that inspires you?

The first album by Starsailor 'Love Is Here' is an album that really inspired me when I first started to gig and play. Their sound and the lyrics really helped to inform my sound and style.


Last song you purchased?

If I'm honest I haven't bought a song for quite a while, but the last song I streamed was Cherry by Jungle. I absolutely love this track, it has so much feel and has a great groove. I cannot recommend it enough.


A song that makes you feel nostalgic?

Ah loads of songs, I'm quite a nostalgic person and I have plenty of songs that take me right back to a moment in my life. Songs that my dad and Taid played for me, like Dignity by Deacon Blue, Debris by The Faces really stick out for me.


Your favourite sing-along song in the shower?

Haha I don't really sing in the shower, but if I did it would be My Girl by the Temptations!


A song that confirmed your love for music?

So many to chose from, but I heard a track called From Under Liquid Glass by the band Peace. It is a song about mental health and it really connects with me. Just give it a listen!


A song you put on when getting ready for a big night out?

It has to be some indie rock anthems like Brianstorm, Living for the Weekend or Somebody Told Me, anything in that vein!


The song do you put on repeat if you’ve just had your heart broken?

Well I can't think of a single song, but the entire Grace album by Jeff Buckley is a must go to!


Your worst guilty pleasure song?

Well I don't really believe in guilty pleasure songs, because if you love a track then then you love a track regardless of what it is. But probably It Ain't Me by Kygo and Selena Gomez. Really great lyrics and spotless production!




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