Ever wondered what music your favourite band listens too? What songs inspire the best songwriters?

In this feature, we’ll speak to some of HOT VOX’s favourite new artists on the gigging scene and find out what songs shaped them to be the musicians and artists they are today and what’s on their Spotify Playlist.



Today’s playlist is curated by Maxx Palmer!


Who is Maxx Palmer

Maxx is the front man of his 3 piece band. A passionate musician who is really making a name for himself. Check him out on spotify (release date 21st Nov) and social media and be sure to get down to one of his shows


Maxx Palmer's Playlist

Song from the first album you ever bought/listened to?

I grew up a bit of an Oasis fan, one of the first songs I learned to play on the guitar was Wonderwall, I remember listening over and over to that album, (What’s the story) Morning Glory.


A song you wish you had written?

Christ, a tough one – If I had to say just one – Elton John – Tiny Dancer


A song that inspires you?

I’m a big fan of the Jeff Buckley, any song from the Grace album, but if I had to pick one? – Last Goodbye


Last song you purchased?

Im enjoy adding to my vinyl collection, I recently bought Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running


A song that makes you feel nostalgic?

I am a big Radiohead fan – Weird Fishes - is a great track to sit back and listen to


Your favourite sing-along song in the shower?

Has to be – Harry Nilsson – Gotta Get Up


A song that confirmed your love for music?

I grew up in a real music orientated house… Mum was always playing stuff like Dusty Springfield – The Windmills of your mind stands out for me


A song you put on when getting ready for a big night out?

I am partial to a bit of Iggy Pop – Lust for Life


The song do you put on repeat if you’ve just had your heart broken?

Never had heart broken yet… I broke a guitar – is that the same thing? – So for this one Im putting Tom Petty – Learning to Fly


Your worst guilty pleasure song?

I have been known to (occasionally) bust out the air guitar when Guns N Roses’Sweet Child O’Mine comes on at a party!




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