Ever wondered what music your favourite band listens too? What songs inspire the best songwriters?

In this feature, we’ll speak to some of HOT VOX’s favourite new artists on the gigging scene and find out what songs shaped them to be the musicians and artists they are today and what’s on their Spotify Playlist.

Today’s playlist is curated by M.I

Who is M.I? 

Alternative RnB artist M.I is back in London after making a name for herself in Leeds. Over the years, M.I has been a member of the group 'The Real Deal' who won 'Sports Relief does Glee Club' in 2012 and 'Leeds Contemporary Singers' who won 'Pitch battle' in 2017. She draws her influences from artists like Jhené Aiko, Willow Smith and Rukhsana Merrise.
M.I and her most recent single ‘Runaway’ can be found on all music platforms and her recent Sofar Sounds video is now live on Youtube.

For those that don’t know M.I, describe your act in just a few sentences.

A singer/songwriter trying to find her feet through life and making songs about whilst doing so.


M.I Playlist

Song from the first album you ever bought/listened to?

Haunted - Beyonce

A song you wish you had written?

Sober - Rukhsana Merrise

A song that inspires you?

Die in vain - Rukhsana Merrise

Last song you purchased?

Never really over - Katy Perry

A song that makes you feel nostalgic?

Torn - Natalie Imbruglia

Your favourite sing-along song in the shower?

Where do you go - Yebba

A song that confirmed your love for music?

Star - Willow

A song you put on when getting ready for a big night out?

Barbie Dreams - Nicki Minaj

The song do you put on repeat if you’ve just had your heartbroken?

Lyin king - Jhené Aiko

Your worst guilty pleasure song?

Look what you made me do - Taylor Swift


You can listen to M.I playlist here:

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