NOT TO BE MISSED // L Sicario // PRIMAL // Charmides // OSHENS // BIGG // Live at 93 Feet East

With an abundance of amazing artists and awesome shows coming up in the calendar, we’ve carefully handpicked one of our stand-out events which we’re particularly looking forward to!

We’re very excited to have L Sicario // PRIMAL // Charmides // OSHENS // BIGG performing for us live at 93 Feet East on 21/9/2018.

If you haven’t heard of L Sicario // PRIMAL // Charmides // OSHENS // BIGG then check them out below and make sure you get to see them live up close and personal!

A band of serendipitous formation that produce an original sound that is gaining popularity on the circuit. Their complementary talents give a twist to their music whilst combining indie origins with funk and self-described "desert rock". Influences range from Queens Of The Stone Age to The Stone Roses, and as such, the band garner a range of comparisons after each show. Forming early last year, L Sicario's first gig took place in a rehearsal room where they restricted themselves to 4 friends each to avoid stage fright. Fast forward a year, and their shows have become known for their energetic crowds with impromptu chants. Having grown in confidence through regular London shows, the band have built up a loyal fanbase.  L Sicario have released their debut single "Interstellar" through Sound Hub Records in November and will be releasing new music throughout the year.

PRIMAL are a Nottingham based power trio playing soulful blues rock with howling vocals groovy riffs and pounding drums. Likened to: Led Zep, Rival Sons, Black Keys, Sabbath & Audioslave Vocals: Rory Wilson - Guitars: Dan Bigland - Drums: Greg McAndry

Charmides are a 4 piece Rock and Roll band from Shepperton boasting bouncing riffs and catchy choruses. Having only formed back in September 2017, Charmides have performed at a range of rock venues across London including the Water Rats, the Fiddlers Elbow and The Roadtrip & Workshop. Having recently recorded their debut demo 'SANDRA', this young and ambitious band hope to have an E.P due for release in the near future. You can find Charmides at the below socials and music platforms:

London based alternative rock outfit from Mexico, Germany, France, Austria and Brighton. This eclectic bunch craft new sounds by blending elements from pop, surf rock and punk. They call it Beach Punk.

BIGG are a loud UK Alt Rock band with a strong focus on bass heavy, riff lead, incendiary tracks and a HUGE live show "Muscular and incendiary heavy rock with gentle sonic flirtations and unpredictable twists ... one outstanding debut" "For Lovers of the Loudest end of the Indie Rock Scale" - "In just three tracks everything falls into place" -

So save the date, add it to your calendar, pin it on your notice board as you won’t want to miss this one.

YOU CAN CATCH L Sicario // PRIMAL // Charmides // OSHENS // BIGG //  LIVE AT 93 Feet East ON 21/9/18


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