How would you feel if your lyrics, your melody, your rhythm was the soundtrack for thousands as they ran to support a single misson?

On May 8th, 2016, at 11 am UTC, runners of all levels will simultaneously start the 3rd Wings for Life World Run, pushing to stay ahead of a pace car. The last participant running - no matter where that happens to be across the world - will be the winner. This is no ordinary endurance race. It is a truly global adventure, encompassing race tracks over 34 countries. Everyone runs at the same time all over the world. Millions of people will be watching the live stream, on TV or online.

 Wings for Life are looking for the anthem that will carry, motivate and inspire runners and wheelchair racers to participate in one of 34 countries worldwide or in a Selfie Run along their own track. 100% of all entry fees from the event will go to Wings for Life, a foundation that funds research into finding a cure for spinal cord injury.

Since it was founded in 2004, it has funded 82 international research projects. More than three million people are currently dependent on a wheelchair after sustaining a spinal cord injury, and the Wings for Life World Run is supporting the foundation on its mission to find a cure – a dream that keeps the spinal cord injury patients training, keeps them positive and keeps them focused on a future that doesn’t involve a wheelchair.

Wings for Life are looking for a song that supports the idea of this one of a kind race. The song will be included in the media productions associated with and produced for/about the event, and therefore being communicated with the project worldwide.  Imagine this: Your music will carry, motivate and inspire athletes around the globe. An anthem to make people get out there to run and encourage others to join the Wings for Life World Run, the world’s only global charity run.

What will my song be used for?

The song will be included in the media productions associated with the event. Think of it as our anthem, the music that unites us.

Does my song have to be new?

You can submit a new song or one that has already been published or released.

What should my song be like?

Think of a tune that would make you want to go out and run. Positive, uplifting, energetic, passionate, something that expresses what makes the Wings for Life World Run so emotional. Pop, rock, indie – show us what you’ve got!

What do I get in return?

Global on- and offline exposure through the Wings for Life World Run. Wings for Life will promote your song through all of their channels. They’ll also be looking into the possibility of a live performance of your song on race day.

How many songs can I submit?

You may submit up to three (3) songs for this project.

When is the deadline?

You can submit your song(s) any time up to November 30, 2015. The winner will be selected and informed by December 15, 2015.

Do I need to pay to participate?

No! Your registration and submission to this project at our partner Music Gateway is free of charge.



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