Furiously energetic Electronic Rock band Lupa have announced the long awaited release of their new single 'Nightmare', released on all major platforms on Friday 23rd March. Lupa summarise the meaning behind the track in this   concise yet accurate synopsis.

"Nightmare is about fighting back, an unexpected and unassailable retaliation against turning the other cheek, not this time. In a world where silence and restraint are mistaken for weakness, sometimes fire needs to be fought with fire. Nightmare is the snap of the synapse unleashing the beast within, you’ve been pushed too far this time and the sleeping giant is awake and has taken control, and you’re loving every minute of it."

Lupa's distinctive electronic rock sound is a fusion of EDM, Drum and Bass and Rock Music, defined by Livvy M's powerful and charistmatic vocals, Timothy Jack on guitar and synths, Anderson on bass and drummer Craig. The force behind the music is only exaggerated by Lupa's explosive live performance. Lupa's band members mimic the sounds of their instruments, the soaring synths, the monstrous bass lines and the anthemic choruses represented by the domination of the stages they play. As with any rock band, as much time and commitment goes into the craft of the live performance as goes into the craft of the music to maintain an enthralling live show. In Latin, Lupa means 'She-Wolf' which could not be more appropriate for such a feisty, female fronted, explosive band. Best described as the angry rock obsessed lovechild of Paramore and Chase and Status.

Ahead of the release of 'Nightmare', Lupa have a two week exclusive available on Spotify now:


Catch Lupa headlining The Dome as part of Rogues' Gallery on Saturday 2nd June.

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