Tugboat Captain are a six-piece band, with occasional guests, fusing a unique sound that draws on influences of indie/alt folk with the use of unusual instruments and their wild, chaotic live performances. Forming in the home of Captain and his sister Anoushka (Honey Glaze), the siblings joined with bassist Josh (Jesus Bigboy). The three-piece put out their first record and then chose to form the band around the sound. The foundations of the band now consist of guitars, bassoon, bass, accordion and drums but the band pride themselves on their flexibility and inclusivity regarding extra instruments and band members. “It started off as The Captain choosing a gig to play and just asking his friends who can make it, and people just would turn up with varying degrees of instruments, ideas, skills, clothes and just kind of go on stage and people up till now have been quite keen, on this kind of… look”.

The band successfully funded the mastering and promotion of their upcoming album ‘Everybody Seems To Think That I’m A Raincloud’ through Kickstarter, a testament to their dedication and tenacious attitude to the band’s success. Though the first album was a mixture of a lot of tracks Captain had written a long time ago, combining a year’s worth of work, the new album takes a more democratic approach to songwriting. ‘Everybody Seems To Think That I’m A Raincloud’ combines the intimate sounds of the first album and the onstage performances that emerged from it. "It’s a product of them becoming hyper-aware of their audience, but also able to guide their audience into the sort of music they want to make and play" - Crack In The Road.

Tugboat Captain's new album ‘Everybody Seems To Think That I’m A Raincloud’ is out now and available to stream or buy on all major music platforms. They are now embarking on their UK tour to support the album, coming to a close at Thousand Island on Friday 24th November.

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