Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable Marks Revert Back to Vinyl

Pioneer, the world’s leading brand in DJ equipment and technology, have recently released their latest invention in the form of the PLX-1000 direct driven analogue turntable. ‘Invention’ isn’t entirely the operative word, but Pioneer have made some innovative adjustments that undoubtedly draw inspiration from the success of their CDJ models. The PLX-1000’s boast a variety of modifications including a wider ranging tempo control than any other analogue turntable, a tempo reset button and removable audio cables. 


The question that needs to be asked is why would the number one brand in DJ paraphernalia release a re-vamped turntable? The Technics SL-1200 have been the industry standard ever since the arrival of the MK2 model in 1979, which possessed quartz-enhanced timing and the pitch slider that is so stereotypical of both analogue and digital DJing equipment today.
Maybe Pioneer are developing an idea highlighted by Serato’s ‘Scratch Live’ concept of 2004, which allowed traditional vinyl turntables to utilize the capabilities of digital audio and digital DJ software. This unequivocally emphasises the industry’s recognition of the favourable aspect of direct driven vinyl turntables. In actual fact ever since Scratch Live’s release in 2004, vinyl sales have increased dramatically. 

Thus Pioneer’s release of such a product in 2014 indicates their intention in its development. With the tangibility, or lack of, with downloaded music, a new vinyl DJing device provides new excitements and possibilities to buying vinyl records. And if Scratch Live’s release is anything to go by, then Pioneer are almost certainly in for a profitable year, as with a new generation of record consumers requires a new generation of record player.
The vinyl revival is unquestionably a paradigm felt throughout the DJing scene, with certain artists releasing just vinyl records, for example Seth Troxler & The Martinez Brothers’ collaborative label ‘Tuskegee’.  Therefore with movements like this coinciding with the release of Pioneer’s PLX-1000, their appears exciting times ahead in the vinyl revival, from both a DJ and record buyer perspective.  

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