Sampha and the Boiler Room


The Boiler Room project started the global networking of dance music. Since its foundation in March 2010, the music project has hosted daily live music sessions that are streamed online. Often in trendy and obscure locations showcasing some of the most talented musicians within the electronic industry, the Boiler Room project has been integral in broadcasting underground music. It effectively reduced the necessity of actively going to see music, where as previously you would have had to have gone and seen a DJ to hear his records, you could now do it from your bedroom. It is undoubtedly an amazingly useful tool with regards to the accessibility of music. 

The Boiler Room as a music project also provides DJs the opportunity to try something different from a live club set. One artist that really captures this concept in my opinion is Sampha, a young music producer from South London. His unique perception on electronic music has always been present as evident through his collaborations with the innovative producer SBTRKT. However the ability to be able to actually see what and how the DJ mixes, which the Boiler Room project provides, arguably brings it even more to life than if you were in a club.

Sampha's Boiler Room DJ set performance fascinatingly combines several elements of electronic music. He utilises what some would describe as a breakbeat or future garage style similar to his SBTRKT productions, whilst consistently paying attention to the melody. Some tracks feature cantabile vocals of his own and instead of attempting to blend just the beats like most DJs, Sampha precisely amalgamates melodies of two or more songs at once.
Sampha's recent collaboration with Drake on his track 'Too Much' also seemed to have inspired a rap and hip-hop element into his DJing, as Sampha drops two Drake tunes. He manages to then mix this into Gappa G and Hyper Hypa's jungle track 'Information Centre', which is difficult enough given the BPM difference. Sampha's ability to combine genres of electronic music whilst disregarding the BPM aspect of DJing is one of the most fascinating aspects of this set.
Another one of the best, yet most frustrating aspects of Boiler Room sets is that they are filled with unreleased tracks and Sampha's unreleased 'Channels', which is the first track in his set, is the most infuriatingly brilliant track. Watch out for its release!

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