serac - Songs for the Broken Hearted Review

Who:  serac (Mark Saunders)

What: ‘Songs for the Broken Hearted’ the debut album recorded at OneCat Studio in Brixton, featuring multi-instrumentalist/sound engineer Jon Clayton with Jen Macro on backing vocals.

Why:  It is a well rounded and varied album that takes the listener on a trip through several different genres, ranging from folk to rock. On the surface this may not seem like it could work, but serac’s song writing, doubled with fantastic production means that this album flows very nicely.   

The following are my thoughts on a few of the songs included in the album:

Oh Yujan: An excellent song to start the album. Even though there are a lot of different layers, there is something beautifully simple about it, and I couldn’t help tapping my toes! 

Lust Is A Double-Edged Sword: This is the first song on the album that has a more psychedelic sound. The combination of tremolo in one guitar overlaid with another using a whammy bar paints almost a cowboy duel sort of scene in the introduction.  The rest of the song is punctuated with a string section and fantastic percussion that booms throughout.

Soundtrack Of Our Lives: This was one of my favourite tracks! It shows off serac’s vocal range and the subtle accompaniment is a great support to the beautiful and sensitive tone that can be heard from serac and his backing vocals.

The Moon And The Star: This was my other favourite song, and once again it added another entirely different sound to this eclectic album. This waltz told a charming story and did so through a duet with complimentary harmonies. 

Lost: This song was a lot heavier, with distortion in the guitars, and closer harmonies.  It is at this point that I felt the album really started to escalate to a peak emotion wise, and I was pleased to hear this other side of serac.   

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