Slash's 'World On Fire'

World On Fire is the third installment of Slash’s solo albums. The album, which was released in the UK on September 15th 2014, is again accompanied by Myles Kennedy, who seems like the ex-Guns N Roses man’s preferred vocalist since the hugely successful single ‘Starlight’ off of the self titled first album ‘Slash’ in 2010. Following Gene Simmonds’s announcement of rock music as a ‘dead’ genre, Slash’s album couldn’t have come at a more convenient time to prove the Kiss frontman humiliatingly wrong. I’m sure Dave Grohl would enjoy that very much...

Right from the first track ‘World On Fire’ there is thrashing blues-rock riffs, with a style that is uncanny to that of Guns N Roses, as suggested by the ‘cowbell countdown’ at the end of the introduction, similar to Steven Adler’s use in Appetite for Destruction and more specifically the track ‘Nightrain’. Such evidence could insinuate that there are still elements of great rock music disseminating through the contemporary adaptation Mr. Simmonds.
This track, like so many on the album, exemplifies the extraordinary musicianship of both Kennedy and Slash. Kennedy’s vocal range and dynamism provides the tracks with undoubted grit and energy whilst maintaining a likeable pop bravura. This contributes to the ‘popular’ nature of this rock album, as with an inoffensive tone and vocal melodies, Kennedy draws in the audience, before Slash sweeps them off of their feet with overpowering rock riffs and blistering solos.
For example the second track ‘Shadow Life’ begins with a slow minor arpeggiated guitar riff before crunching power chords break the boundaries of silence. The track then escalates through verses and choruses towards a divinely constructed melodic blues guitar solo, which is so typical of Slash and is arguably the best on the album.

Watch this guitar solo

Slash - "Shadow Life" (SMKC) [HD] (Lyrics)

Contrary to this, there is one track with a better guitar solo in my opinion and that is the most recently released single ‘Safari Inn’. It is a 3-minute instrumental that exemplifies everything that defines Slash as one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time. With a distinctive and meticulous soloing style, one can only listen to these 3 minutes and 27 seconds of pure musical genius in admiration.
Anyway there are so many great solos on the album that it can be left almost entirely to interpretation, so make sure you go and have a listen as soon as possible!
I think you’ll agree with me that rock music isn’t dead.

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