Those Nights – Gig Review

Last night saw the first of a gig night called Those Nights. Held down at the Workshop, Tusks (Emily Underhill) was headlining the night with support from electronic duo YSBM, Tape Runs Out and Nyokee.
Nyokee started the tone of the night, by filling the air with her ambient pad sounds, interjected with melodic vocals. In the intimate setting no one could escape feeling the warmth of sound. Swiftly followed by Tape Runs Out, who gave the night a splash of folk. The electronic violin and exquisite baselines gave this four piece a lovely tinge to their music.
YSBM were next on, and these two definitely knew how to make that electronic ambient sound work well live. Both were surrounded in futuristic looking gear; synths, sample pads produced a calming yet spirited sound and the vocals slotted perfectly over, giving these guys a uniquely beautiful quality.
Tusks headlined the night. Comprised of singer/songwriter Emily Underhill and her sidekick who worked the sampling and backed her up just flawlessly. Together they created electro-ambient tones, in between Emily’s solo pieces, which showcased her skilful piano playing and luscious vocals.
What a creatively crafted night, full of sensational music and exciting artists. We can’t wait for the next one of Those Nights.



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