Toby Chiz – Fragile State of Mind EP Review

As we lead up to the long awaited release of singer-Songwriter Toby Chiz’s EP Fragile State of Mind – we managed to get our hands on an extremely fresh of the press and very exclusive hard copy to have that all-important first listen.
This short collection of passionate, soft and soothing acoustic songs gives us an insight to the musical progress Toby has been making over the last few years while this extended play has been put together.
The first song Fragile State of Mind is a sincere and very heart felt look into Toby’s soul as he sings of “pounding the streets” and “looking for things” that aren’t there.  It is a rhythmic, delicate and tranquil insight into trying to fit in somewhere and gaining no success. Toby is able to captivate us with his gripping musicality and intriguing vocals, as well as his moving lyrics.
The second song ‘Lonely’ is only slightly less vulnerable and a touch more upbeat but like the first song it showcases an insight into feeling alone – hence the title. Toby succeeds in provoking emotions for the listeners simply by exposing his own feelings so wholeheartedly.
‘Hands Blue’ is the most romantic off this collection, and unlike the first two songs that are mainly about personal struggles, this song is about being a backbone for someone else when they need it the most.
The last song ‘Wonderful You’ also leads you in a similar direction. It’s a more upbeat song, and a very happy way to end this EP.
Fragile State of Mind is one of few EP’s that in just the short space of a few tracks – able to take you on a journey.
We're very much looking forward to seeing Toby Chiz perform these songs live in the near future!


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