Top 10 Movie Soundtracks

Sorry – I am a Disney fan through and through.  I am very excited about the new release of Beauty and the Beast, although I must admit I feel a certain nostalgic attachment to Angela Lansbury’s original rendition of the soundtrack. This love heightened after she graced the stage at the age of 91 for the 25th Anniversary of the musical. 

This is not to say that I am not impressed by the effortless and subtle tones of Ariana Grande and the unique soul from John Legend.

But I assure you it is not just Disney musical soundtracks that give me a certain satisfaction, but they will make their appearance in the following list!

1. Lord of the Rings
At the age of 6, Lord of the Rings was one of the first major films I remember watching and the music has stuck with me ever since. From the Fellowship of the Ring, the opening melody line is something taken out of a reminiscent dream. The ebb and flow of this track represents both the mischievous and yet magical nature of those Concerning Hobbits.

2. Moana – How Far I’ll Go
As I said before, there is a degree of satisfaction I find listening to Disney soundtracks, and this is no exception. Especially at the entry of such an assertive drum rhythm at 1:25 which is somewhat motivational and accentuates the meaning of the title!

3. Pirate’s of the Caribbean 
Sorry I just couldn’t choose between these masterpieces – these should feature on everybody’s top list. The totally iconic motifs that perfectly compliment the story and atmosphere of the films.

4. Titanic
Do not worry, I have not opted for Celine Dion’s hearty romantic ballad. Take me to sea Mr Murdoch perfectly summarises the thought of hope and new prospect for those aboard the Titanic with the ever rising melody lines and angelic voices that enter at 1:25 (that maybe in hindsight represent the sheer naivety and vulnerable position of all those involved in the ships voyage).

5. The Holiday
There is something so warm about the opening section of this creation by no other than Hans Zimmer. The piece seems to take us through the seasons – from being wrapped up warm inside, watching snow fall to joyfully strolling on a warm summers day.

6. The Great Gatsby
There is something quite clever about Baz Luhrmann’s decision to fuse the 1920’s with hip-hop. It just adds to the saucy, scandalous and sensual party atmosphere if you ask me!

7. Purple Rain
This track does not need an explanation! 

8. Tarzan
Another Disney ‘banger’ with the addition of the always recognisable tone of Phil Collins’ voice.

9. Lion King
This was a challenge to select one track from such an amazing collection of songs – but I thought I’d share a happy one! Take a trip to Upendi!

10. James Bond
Although the original theme is nothing but iconic, Adele’s theme is arguably one of the most successful soundtracks from the movie franchise along with ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘Live and Let Die’. Not only this, it was the Skyfall star’s final track before falling silent before her record breaking album ‘25’.

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