TOP TIPS: 10 Ways to Improve Twitter Interaction


Do you see the impressions but no engagement?

Are you struggling to reach the followers that matter?

Have you just no idea where to start?

Check out these top 10 tips to help you optimise your channel.

Your followers want commitment from you, just as you wish the same from them – show them that they mean something. Put yourself in their shoes when you are writing or sharing content and make it relevant to their interests. It can also be down to working out when your followers are most active, this can make a real difference to impression stats (and hopefully this will result in more engagement!). It might sound tedious, but to build creditability, you can’t tweet when and if you feel like it. Use Hootsuite to schedule your content for the week (or more if you’re really organised) to make sure that you keep your tweets consistent. Don’t be afraid to share from other pages or reuse content, it doesn’t all have to be fresh and original – but do give it thought.

If this all seems quite daunting, do not fret. From scheduling tweets to finding people to follow, and from monitoring engagement to generating interesting content. There are many apps and platforms that can help you.


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