As an integral part of any song, lyrics act a way for artists to divulge their thoughts with listeners, but with so many songs out there, how can you be sure to hear all of these messages?

To grasp these hidden meanings, we have asked STRANGER GIRL to showcase some of their favourite, original lyrics and are pleased to feature them as our Waxing Lyrical!

Today’s Waxing Lyrical With STRANGER GIRL dives into the lyrics of their song ‘Wasting’.

With a nod to classic influences such as Blondie, the Strokes and the Smiths, Stranger Girl combine their firm indie rock roots with a 21st centuary twist of polished soundscapes and explosive pop melodies. Lead singer Melissa’s emotively raw lyrical style and dynamic shifts in storytelling have become something that frequently resonates with listeners of the band.

Still in the early days of their musical releases, the group have already been featured on Spotify’s ‘Hot New Bands’ playlist, as well as having several features on BBC Introducing South, including ‘Track of the Day’. Stranger Girl have one more single lined up for release this summer.

Latest single ‘Too Much’ available to stream on all platforms.



All my fire burning away now 
Is this what you want?
Every year the summer always hits me hard 
I think of that a lot

Hope is a danger 
And like a safety pin 
It holds you together 
But it's not the real thing 
I gotta get it

I'm inward facing, waiting, hating this 
Couldn't even make the week 
It's all changing and I'm wasting it 
You're wasting it with me

I'm so tired and I'm so self obsessed
Wish I could move on like everybody else 
This is the one thing I thought would never rest 
Welcome to the real world I guess

It's just a bad spot
Too far from anything 
Hoping that I won't always look back
But I can't help it

I'm so lost 
Ill try harder you try harder to remember what we got 
You're so lost 
Ill try harder you try harder to remember what we got 


This song is about growing up and feeling as though your dreams and goals are running away from you, it's about wanting to maintain hope but also feeling under a certain pressure to move on and accept life for what it is. It definitely originated when I was in a low point, trying to achieve in such a competitive world. But the final line of the chorus 'you're wasting it with me' is meant to signify that at least we are not alone in going after these things together.


You can listen to "Wasting" below:




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