There are currently over 140 million active users on Spotify. That's 140 million people looking for new music, with a direct access to the music you are making. 20 billion hours of music was streamed on Spotify in 2015 and that number is increasing by the year. With incentives like that, why aren't you on Spotify?

Spotify is the easiest way to share your music and target a wider fan base. Spotify listeners are constantly looking for new music with playlists like 'Discover Weekly' and employees discover music from emerging artists for those playlists if they like what they hear. But, you can only get on one of their popular playlists if you are on Spotify!

Spotify is where industry people are looking for their artists. They look at the emerging artists that are working hard to get their music heard. All three major labels have dedicated divisions to streaming on Spotify. Universal has HITS!, Sony has Filtr and WMG has Topsify.

It is no secret that digital distribution and streaming is now the primary way in which listeners access and buy their music. This was originally seen as a negative development but, as platforms like Spotify and Apple Music become more popular, music piracy is decreasing. In the year following the launch of Spotify, piracy actually fell by 20% in Australia. Music can now be accessed so easily on your phone, people aren't seeing the benefits of buying CDs anymore. 

Your artist profile on Spotify gives you an insight into the popularity of your music, and which songs are becoming the most popular and gaining the most attention. This is key information to help you, as an artist, progress. You can consider this information when writing new music and tailoring it to the preferences outlined in the Spotify data, and even use the information to help run promotional campaigns and sell merchandise.

Spotify is unique in that listeners can publish the music they are listening to, and this way your listeners become your promoters without even realising.

So how can you get your music on Spotify? Using an online distributor like TuneCore is the best way to get your music out there whilst still keeping 100% of the revenue.

Tunecore, are the biggest digital distributor in the world. With Tunecore, they can distribute pretty much everywhere (iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer – etc, etc), and you keep 100% of your sales revenue (unlike a traditional distribution deal which takes as much as 30% - and way better than a label deal, where you’ll likely give up 50% of your revenues). 

If you’re actively gigging and developing your fanbase, TuneCore is a great way to get your music out there for your existing fans, as well as helping you gain new fans as they discover you through Spotify playlists or recommendations.

With HOT VOX you can get an exclusive discount off your first sign up with TuneCore. Email info@hotvox.co.uk for more information.

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