HOT VOX showcase some of the freshest emerging artists breaking through onto the scene, but in an industry saturated with new music, how can you cut through the noise?

To separate the best from the rest, we have cherry picked one of our favourite new acts and are pleased to have them as our Artist Of The Day.

Today’s Featured Artist Of The Day is TVVINNS

ENNOR - 'Dreamer'

With nothing but a love for music and the songs in his heart, Tom Elliot left his Cornish routes in search of the Big Smoke. Gathering a group of talented musicians along the way, he created the collective that is now ENNOR.

Upon the release of their first single ‘Dreamer’, the band have a large number of shows under their belt and have shown no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Vain Galen - 'Build A Box' Review

To paint Vain Galen with the label of just being a Rock band also brings connotations of injustice with it as well, as the London/Buckinghamshire based band is far more intelligent than that.
Their single, ‘Build A Box’, is a highly dynamic record that not only hops across different genres, but also showcases the immense talent of the band.

Berne - "Conversation" E.P

To only recognize musical elements of Berne’s self released EP “Conversation”, does no justice to the already accomplished Maltese artist, who takes an incredibly unique and earnest approach to across all four tracks.
From the very start, opening track ‘The Scene’ showcases not only the superb narrative structure, which is prevalent across the EP as a whole, but also the excellent arrangement of the track; heightening tension and intensity for the listener as it grows and culminates in a cacophony of sound. 

Toby Chiz – Fragile State of Mind EP Review

As we lead up to the long awaited release of singer-Songwriter Toby Chiz’s EP Fragile State of Mind – we managed to get our hands on an extremely fresh of the press and very exclusive hard copy to have that all-important first listen.
This short collection of passionate, soft and soothing acoustic songs gives us an insight to the musical progress Toby has been making over the last few years while this extended play has been put together.



Over the past week we've had some incredible musicians feature on our two PEERLESS nights at The Waiting Room. Following the success of Dead Cannons, Michael Baker and JJ Hodari just last week, on May 4th Carousel, Jerry Williams and Hot Under Collar played to a full to capacity venue as tickets sold out within minutes of doors opening!




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