The Real Ink

The Real Ink is a mixture of Funk, Reggae, Jazz and Ska that creates that Ink noise. Its a momentum of sound. From when the first note of the saxophone hits to the last beat on the drum. Get ready for soulful vocals and funky bass and guitar. Get ready for something that you will be hard to comprehend but will hook you indefinitely.

Angelo V

Born and raised in London town, deep in the hustle and bustle of city life, Angelo V emerged as a singer/songwriter/guitarist whose music is an eclectic mix of reggae hooks, rocky grooves and soulful melodies. Angelo started playing the violin at 9 years old before substituting his bow for his guitar at the age of 14. With a love of the piano his own raw sound
began to emerge. After a decade down south in Devon, his music evolved into what it is today, with that touch of hippy soul.


North-West London born and raised Nylah makes ‘Indie-Pop, R&B feel good’ music that takes on powerful topics. From the young age of 9, Nylah discovered a passion for song-writing, at 10 years she had already written a compilation of songs. As time went on her passion grew alongside her talents.


Exuberant, fresh and infectiously energising, Forefathers have been making waves in the Sheffield music scene since 2015. As a 8-piece band, complete with trumpet, saxophones and a multitude of percussion, they offer an eclectic mix of world music combining Afro-Beat and Salsa with Jazz and Funk-Rock.

The Dapper cadavers

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We are a 4 piece band performing our own original material, with a unique take on Reggae, Ska and Punk. We have been performing together for ten years, having built up a great fan base in South West Wales

The Kingstons

The Kingstons are an exciting 5 piece contemporary band based in West Devon and have a fresh, unique sound incorporating an eclectic blend of influences with a passion for ska and reggae.

The Kingstons are currently setting the west country alight with their feel good brand of dance music, with the band all contributing to the writing of their own original songs, painting pictures of life in today's Britain, drawing on influences including soul, jazz and blues, to create a modern ska/reggae sound for 2018.


Malavita! fuse funky latin beats, skanktastic & chunky bass lines to create a heady mixture of original, infectious feel good tunes. 7 eclectic fun seeking musical misfits originating from Italy and the Deep South (Westcountry) they come together to inspire you to dance, sing along and get a little bit crazy. Collectively on a mission to start the party and keep the dance floor jumping with their tropical sounds. Expect Heaps of percussion, plenty of horns and soulful female vocals.


Enne is a Singer||Songcreator||Poet. She was born with a high-pitched scream that her family long suspected would develop into a powerful, soulful voice, destined to resonate on the world stage. With one of the most varied vocal ranges around, Enne works to thrill and surprise her audience in equal measure. Her different cultural influences blend together, creating an original mix of Reggae| and Soul which also draws inspiration from the R&B, Jazz & Blues traditions.


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