New Device

New Device are a determined bunch of rock n roll mavericks, with a never say die attitude that reeks of no compromise. Despite taking heavy blows, they remain undeterred to live their dream. Likened and influenced by rock giants such as Guns 'n' Roses, Metallica and Alter Bridge, their stadium sound never fails to leave audiences in awe! 2018 has seen them release the critically acclaimed EP - DEVILS ON THE RUN and they are currently touring and promoting their new record COMING HOME.

Silk Road

Silk Road is the illicit man-child conceived in Oxford by guitarist Rory Drohan and drummer Charles Evans sometime in 2014 (its all a bit of a blur). Although not yet landing on where they were heading or what we wanted to do; they started writing and find their groove around. Keeping the ‘life’ theme, the band hit puberty when vocalist Bradley Taylor joined in early 2016 and at this point they had became adolesecents as Bradley’s vocals and general style pushed them somewhere better and tested their musicianship.

Beware The Bear

You could throw a 4K TV out the window of a private jet while doing drugs off a tiger and not be as rock ‘n’ roll as Beware the Bear. If they were to start a topical comedy show, it would be called Rock The Week. If they were an animal (other than a bear), it would be a rocktupus. If they were to establish a philosophical concept that when presented with competing hypothetical answers to a problem, one should select the answer that makes the fewest assumptions, it would be called Rockham’s Razor.


"Witchingseason's music feels like a psychedelic meltdown, with heavily driven riffs, weaving bass and huge drums!" Witchingseason are an English rock band, formed in Essex in 2014 by guitarist/vocalist Tom Reynolds and drafting in brothers; seasoned drummer Wayne Summers and blues session musician Gary Summers and later Brendan Stone Leak who brought in a second guitar and keyboards, lending to their current ethereal post-apocalyptic sound.

Building Giants

A huge sounding rock band from the North West, Building Giants are known for their lively stage presence, catchy riffs and raspy vocals. Landing on the scene in July 2017, Building Giants have been gigging up and down the country at full speed since. The band have had a cracking start to the year, playing to new audiences for Independent Venue Week and attracting both radio and television coverage with BBC Music Introducing.


London based four piece rock band bringing the fun back into rock. Band members: Francisco - Vocals/Guitar Arun - Guitar/Keyboards Maite - Bass Peter - Drums Visit the facebook page for videos!


Imagine Rage Against the Machine on steroids and speed, fast forward to the future, and you’ve got Rosen – a cyberpunk band fusing rock, nu metal, hip-hop, and electronic music to create the perfect storm. The melting pot of the London metropolis brought the members Frisco (drums), Matt Ress (guitar), Kam Ikaze (bass), Cole Sław (keys), and Frhetoric (vocals) together from Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, and Iran. The name Rosen is taken from Philip K.

Storm Fortress

Storm Fortress is a Heavy Rock power duo based in West London. We have been active for 2 years, playing all over London. Our music is inspired by our life experiences and we try to make everyone feel the same way we do and pass on a message. Every time we play live, we try to engage with the audience on a spiritual level, as well as give everything to make it an unique experience. Our main influences are Queen, Foo Fighters, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and many more.


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