BREATHE are a hard rock band based in Newquay, in the dark depths of Cornwall. They have struggled through many phases and have finally got their feet firmly on the ground.




5 lads with a penchant for heavy-metal riff-ery, dual-guitar harmonies, thundering bass lines, pounding drums and soaring vocals.


Formed in 2000, the group have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Surviving numerous line-up changes, they have developed into a fully rounded live act, sporting fist-pumping riffs matched with thoughtful, melodious vocals.


The band have recently been hard at work writing new material whilst throwing down the metal in local venues, preparing themselves for the bright future ahead.

Fallen To Flux

Fallen To Flux are a young metal band based in London, writing and performing high-intensity, exciting music. Comprising Oli Clipsham, Björn Gugu, Luke Walley and Chris Trem, the band are currently gigging and promoting in support of their debut EP "Piece By Piece". With single "One Chance" receiving airplay on radio stations and internet podcasts alike, the record has received terrific reviews.

Forever On Edge

Forever on Edge (F.O.E) are a four piece heavy rock band based in London. Dan James (Vocalist) formed the band in 2011 and moved to London to mould a band together. Three weeks after achieving a complete line up, F.O.E received their first gig at The Water Rats (Skunk Anansie, Oasis, Ra Ra Riot) in London, playing alongside Norwegian female seven string guitarist The Commander In Chief, who then requested F.O.E to share the stage again for the bands second gig at Camden Barfly.

The Fremen

Rich and poor cheek to jowel, black and white back to back. Miles of sprawling, decaying housing estates and crumbling, brutalist architecture intertwine themselves around Victorian and Edwardian housing. Cultures and creeds from around the globe mingle and brush pass each other every minute of every day ...
Conditions like these can breed a contempt for both physical and social boundaries as well as complete disregard for psychological and creative limitations - welcome to south east London, home of The Fremen.

Blind Bandana

Blind Bandana is a Hard Rock band from London. The band formed in 2009 at Brunel University. They are known for their driving riffs, heart pounding rhythms, hard-rocking originals and show-stopping covers. They hark back to a time when bands fought tooth and nail for supremacy on the Sunset Strip, L.A. and when 70s rock permeated the music scene.

Kill For Eden

Kill for Eden are London-based purveyors of classic hard rock, radio ready riffs and powerful female vocals. Their music has been championed by XFM (presently Radio X) and Kerrang!, and seen the band likened to Skunk Anansie, Halestorm, The Cult and Garbage. The quartet have released two EPs and a self-titled album, that boasted “blistering riffs, hook-laden choruses, great vocals and a strong selection of tunes” (Fireworks Magazine). Their upcoming second studio album, Petty Crimes will be releasedon April 21st 2017.


South London rockers Superfecta release their new video "Pendulum" and EP July 2013. The band will be gigging and promoting in London and surrounding areas in support of the new release. The Superfecta sound may just remind you a little of Soundgarden,Nirvana, Incubus, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Slash, The Cult and Motorhead!


With three guitarists and two vocalists among their ranks, there are many elements to their progressive rock / post-metal inspired sound, giving nods to contemporary favourites Karnivool and Gojira, but also classic names such as Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden and Smashing Pumpkins.

It is a blend that has not only seen them receive acclaim from all of the UK's major rock publications but also a nomination in the Orange Amplification Progressive Music Awards, no small feat for an unsigned DIY band.


Metasoma is a Rock/ Heavy Metal band from London and was founded in 2009 by Polish Guitarists Michal ‘’Misiek’’ Sedzielewski (Rhythm guitar) and Voytek Golbiak (Lead guitar). Since its conception, the band has experienced a few lineup changes until 2016 where it has settled on its current members. Proudly featuring the French powerhouse, Hugo Terva (Drums),Ben “Agro“ Spooner from the southwest of England (Bass guitar) and the ever charismatic frontman Vlad A. Iancu hailing from Romania (Vocals).


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