Drenched in Hard-Rock, reeking of Experimentalism and displaying a sizeable Drum & Bass scar; Kodeta is returning from a musical expedition clutching a new species of song.
Kodeta set off at the turn of the century and following a relentless display of prowess at over 100 shows in the last year alone; serious noise is being made in the Norfolk music scene.

My Favourite Liar

My Favourite Liar are a piece alternative rock band based in London, with influences from every corner of the punk, pop, metal and hard rock spectrum. Having received critical acclaim in their native East Midlands, they have relocated to the capital and already love the music scene.

10Thousand Ghosts

Born from the embers of previous experiments, 10 Thousand Ghosts (10KG) are arguably the most thrilling prospect in the UK rock scene for some time. Fusing intricate lead lines, a thumping rhythm section and distinctive & powerful vocals, 10KG are ready to break onto the scene in 2013 and take anyone along for the ride.


Zepher consist of Welsh brothers Louis and Toby Ellis and guitarist Shannon Edwards.
The group play a unique blend of alternative rock combining big rock choruses with infectious pop melodies and memorable lyrics.

The group have gathered a wealth of live experience over the past four years together having played at various festivals, venues and events across the UK.

"Empassioned voices and guitars unite in musical excellence" - Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales

The Empires Lion

'The Empires Lion' is a 3 piece alternative/indie band based in
London. Formed originally by thought merchant and space bassist Jabed
Tarapdar, he was soon  joined by Australian import Chris Bartlett on soaring
vocals and rattling guitar statements, and complimented by recent Jeff Ingle coaxing  
some Bristol magic on the skins. 
Once these three were in place the band’s sound was forged and a promise of a unique
Style started emerging.
Starting out on the live circuit in 2013, they have already played to


Colossusaurus are a five piece, North London based rock band who sound exactly like their name suggests; fucking massive. The Colossusaurus sound is a fusion of classic rock swagger with the crushing riffs and transcendental tones of psychedelic stoner rock, referencing everything from doom metal to shoegaze along the way. It is a celebration of everything that makes rock music awesome; the power, the melody, the feedback. And now that Colossusaurus have finished recording their first demo, they are coming to a stage near you. If you're lucky you'll get to experience the glory first hand.


Frauds are a noisey two piece band from Croydon.

We have no delusions of grandeur.

We make honest & loud guitar driven post hardcore influenced rock music.

We hope you like it.


Flatline is an alternative heavy rock/metal band from London. We take the melodic flavour of heavy rock and combine it with the aggressive sound of metal to create a punchy, epic, and attention-grabbing sound. The band was born in mid-2012 after Ross (vox) and Chris (bass) joined forces with Ed (guitar), Calum (guitar), and Sam (drums). Having played some of the major venues in London (such as The Underworld, Nambucca, and Water Rats), Flatline are out to take no prisoners.


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