“It’s loud. It’s dirty! It smashes you over the head!” – heavy classic rock at its best! Powderhead are a new face on a classic scene, belting out raw, old-school rock that will get your head banging, your body moving and leave you screaming for more!

Once More Round

Once More Round is an Alt band from Newcastle, UK.

The band consists of three friends from school who got together through the love and passion of music.

Once More Round members all share very different and similar tastes of music and experiment their tastes through their music.

In 2015 Their first EP 'Speak The Truth' was released gaining a positive response from the local music scene.

Alter the Sky

5 piece hard rock band from Cambridge. With catchy riffs, hard hitting beats and powerful vocals from their front woman, these guys are certainly ones to look out for.

Bled the Fifth

Bled The Fifth are a female fronted melodic hard rock band from Essex. Having been playing live together for just a year, they have played some top venues with top bands including venues across London, including Camden Town's Fiddler's Elbow, Southend's Chinnery's, with the likes of The Jellycats and Trash Monroe. Recording a full length album in May, 2017 promises to be the year the band steps up to the next level.

At The Sun

Hailing from London, At The Sun are a heavy rock 5 piece blending their love of blues, metal and classic rock to create a powerful sound of big riffs, soulful vocals and ripping solos.

Conceived in 2016 by guitarist Kieron and bassist Alex, the plan was simple - find the best musicians they could, both in terms of talent and attitude. In vocalist Harry, drummer Craig and lead guitarist Chet they found everything they were looking for.


Nightfires is a ferocious, pumping rock band from East London. Four-piece Tom, Ian, Eroll and Dan have been stirring up a storm on the city's live music scene with their blistering melody-driven, guitar bashing rock songs. They have a firm foot in the past with an overt riff chugging Led Zeppelin influence, mixed with the modern dirty guitars of Foo Fighters and vocal licks inspired by the likes of Fall Out Boy. With a new album on the horizon and the success of their The Purfleet Sessions release lighting up iTunes, 2017 is one hell of a year.

The Final Clause of Tacitus

From the town of Reading hail, The Final Clause of Tacitus. Likened to a mixture of Rage Against the Machine and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, they play hard aggressive rock intertwined with moments of serenity and a heavy sprinkling of Funk.

In the first 8 Months of gigging they have already started making a name for themselves with their explosive energetic performances, which saw them gaining support slots for such acts as ‘Crazytown’, 'Electric 6' and the ‘Kamikaze Test Pilots’, and also being invited to play the Skindred after party.

The Touch

7he 7ouch are a Rock Band formed in 2014.Big part of the writing process is the experimentation of combining genres and eras,the expression of Inner feelings and the need to show the impact of their dedication worlwide.The band is currently based in London,United Kingdom.


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