Crownhouse are a 4-piece Alternative Rock/Pop punk band from Brighton.
The sound of the group is inspired by early Paramore records and similar alternative
rock groups such as Taking Back Sunday and You Me At Six. The band have just
finished working on their debut EP "3AM", due to be released May 5th 2017. The group
formed while studying at college on a music course where they began as a
hardcore/metalcore band and after several line-up changes, the group agreed to
change the sound to a more comfortable genre.


Founded early January 2013 in Paris, Tahoe is a five-piece alternative rock/ post-hardcore band. Tahoe delivers a rich and dynamic alternative rock, mixing a wide variety of sounds and ambiances in every song, moving from catchy choruses to ambiant/electronic atmospheres.

Tahoe released its debut EP “Wonders” on February 2015, followed by three music videos featuring the EP songs, all through the year : “Vectors” on February, “Memory Failures” on April and “Crossed Paths” on June.

I Plead Guilty

I Plead Guilty – Melodic Hardcore / Metalcore outfit based in London, UK. Three friends who are sick of existing and not living. „We take all the negativity thrown at us by society, peers and foes to transform it into a positive energy that ignites the light at the end of the tunnel. Making music is our getaway”. I Plead Guilty recently released the first single „For The Sake of Nothing” – the music video can be found on youtube –

Holy Moments

Our first review said it better than we ever could;
"...little more than two and half minutes of gruff shouting of the sort that’s not entirely unpleasant but makes little concession to anything resembling actual singing or an actual tune, instead being a prolonged bellow that sounds like a forty-a-day and ten-pints of-Stella football hooligan attempting a spot of Dinosaur Jr karaoke. It possesses absolutely zero artistic value, but if you can’t appreciate why it’s still better than a lot of far more accomplished adventures into sound, you are dead to us."

Your Cat is a Landmine

Your Cat is a Landmine are an alt-rock trio looking for the missing link between Jimmy Eat World and Isis (the band), which they believe is to be found somewhere in the gaps between quiet/loud/quiet/loud. Their sound is a contradiction of monstrous riffs and quirky arrangements reminiscent of Thrice, Biffy Clyro and Joy Division. Oddball lyrics and a prize fighter's attitude combine well to create uncompromising post-rock geek chic.

Brightlight City

From being chosen alongside Asylums as one of 5 up and coming bands to be heard be Relentless and Zane Lowe, to being flown out to Canada to perform at a festival headlined by Rise Against. Alongside tour supports with Blood Youth, Max Raptor, Fizzy Blood & Young Legionnaire, we have also recorded and self released 2 EPs and 2 singles.

All of this has been backed up by plays on Radio X, 6 Music, Kerrang, BBC introducing and Amazing Radio, with features and interviews across a wide range of online print and press.

Once More Round

Once More Round is an Alt band from Newcastle, UK.

The band consists of three friends from school who got together through the love and passion of music.

Once More Round members all share very different and similar tastes of music and experiment their tastes through their music.

In 2015 Their first EP 'Speak The Truth' was released gaining a positive response from the local music scene.


Mindpilot are an alt-rock-improv trio from Peckham, South East London. A sound somewhere between Fugazi Queens of the Stone Age and Radiohead performed with an ever changing improv-live approach, retaining the unexpected and spontaneous nature of their dark, heavy, political melancholy.


Foxfield are an alternative/math rock band from Hertfordshire who formed at the begining of 2014. Drawing influences from bands such as Biffy Clyro, Press to Meco, Coheed and Cambria and Arcane Roots, Foxfied combine huge choruses and  intricate guitar riffs with an energetic and electrifying live show.


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