Blue Eyed Giants

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Blue Eyed Giant’s music amalgamates a plethora of rock sub genres. Equipped with crushing breakdowns and rhythmic intricacies, whilst exploring vocal versatility through screams and gentle melody. Life affirming songs that shift from engulfing heaviness into contagious, melodic delicacy. The band’s fierce musicianship in all fields showcases that they are pioneering a new unique take on modern alternative rock music.


Iridium Is a 5 Piece Melodic Metal-core band based in London. We have our debut EP "Sub Zero" and music video Reflections out now.


Clean Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar: Jack Forrest Knights

Lead Singer: Breydon Duffy

Lead Guitar: Aaron Dadral

Bass Guitar: Dan Wright

Drums: Abraham Bamgbose


Reflections Music Video: 

Higher Ground

Higher Ground are a five piece rock band based in the London/Essex vicinity of England. We’ve been putting up with each other’s nonsense for 3 PAINFUL years and are looking forward to finally bringing some of that nonsense to the outside world. Our likes include pinch harmonics, double kick pedal drum beats, a modest amount of screaming and long walks on the beach. Our turn offs include ballads (although we may concede on occasion), mosh pit injuries and Donald Trump rallies.

Sydney Fate

Sydney Fate are a group of friends from a small Welsh town with not much in terms of a music scene founded by guitarist and vocalist Bailey Edwards, after years of line up changes the decision to start taking things seriously made the band set out on completing the definitive line up that they have today.

State of Millenia

We are State Of Millenia, a Pop Punk/Easycore band from Colchester, Essex. We take influences from both Pop Punk and Metal and merge them together with massive Choruses, catchy Hooks and ice the cake with bone-rattling Breakdowns. Playing in Drop A on 7-Stringed Guitars really compensates the way we write and the extended chords we use. People have often compared us to Four Year Strong meets Blink 182 which we take as a massive compliment. We formed as a band in the early months of 2016 after writing our first song together.


Arcaeon are a young, driven and passionate 5 piece progressive metal band from Reading/London, UK. The band take influence from a variety of genres and styles, ranging from the hook laden arrangements of mainstream pop, the complex layering of video game compositions, and the experimental, hard impact of modern electronic music. The band take pride in their calculated live performances, that deliver a wash of textures and colors, balanced carefully with crushing crescendos, rapture inducing melodies, and technical grooves.

Leading Zeroes

“It’s music made with passion, energy and intensity” So say Leading Zeroes, the Newcastle-based four-piece who describe their sound as a heavy, riffy blend of alt-rock and post-hardcore, drawing influences from acts like Biffy Clyro and Funeral For A Friend. Formed in 2016 and having regularly played live around the North-East throughout 2017, the current focus is their debut single This World Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us, released digitally on 16/02/2018. “I think we’ve got a really dynamic live show.


Crownhouse are a 4-piece Alternative Rock/Pop punk band from Brighton.
The sound of the group is inspired by early Paramore records and similar alternative
rock groups such as Taking Back Sunday and You Me At Six. The band have just
finished working on their debut EP "3AM", due to be released May 5th 2017. The group
formed while studying at college on a music course where they began as a
hardcore/metalcore band and after several line-up changes, the group agreed to
change the sound to a more comfortable genre.


Founded early January 2013 in Paris, Tahoe is a five-piece alternative rock/ post-hardcore band. Tahoe delivers a rich and dynamic alternative rock, mixing a wide variety of sounds and ambiances in every song, moving from catchy choruses to ambiant/electronic atmospheres.

Tahoe released its debut EP “Wonders” on February 2015, followed by three music videos featuring the EP songs, all through the year : “Vectors” on February, “Memory Failures” on April and “Crossed Paths” on June.


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