KOYO are Huw Edwards (lead vocals, guitar), Jacob Price (sampling, synthesisers), Seb Knee-Wright (guitars), Dan Comlay (bass) and Tom Higham (drums).

The Deans

The Deans are a hypnotic progressive pop rock duo with an electronic aftertaste and Sal Paradise lyrics.
Formed and fronted by Irish guitarist, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gavin Dean. 2016 saw the addition of Parisian musician and drummer Mathys Dubois of industrial metal band Treponem Pal and electro rock outfit Black Strobe.

Bubblegum Hypnosis

Bubblegum Hypnosis seamlessly blend antithetical genres from prog rock to psych pop into one journey of a live performance, showcasing variety, energy and excellent musicianship. This is represented also in their studio releases, tackling different concepts, styles and genres with each release.

The Wisdom

The life goal towards which every humans turn themselves, think their life and live their thoughts. Away from the academic character, a calm, prudent and moderate behavior of a quiet, good as gold child, The Wisdom helps to fight the ultimate battle towards wisdom, and thus leaving the eternal cycle of renewal. This fight in which your main opponent will be your own existence. It is a search for the path to follow to accomplishment, through trials to challenge and prevail over yourself, enduring fears, doubts, despair, traps of body and soul.


We are two music students from Portugal and based in London. Originally we had different goals for our music careers, one (Catarina) being an electronic music producer and DJ and the other (Lourenço) more inclined to playing in rock bands. Since we live together, we then decided to merge our styles and see what would the outcome be, resulting in a really great musical chemistry between the two of us. We like to say our style is like a cross pollination between electronic music and guitar solos

Penny Betts

A young authentic rock’n’roll band with original sounds. Inspired by raw music with emotion and colour, the 60s/70s along with modern vibe and touch. Packed with onstage electric energy and a lot of love x


Incubated in South London, Boron are a 3-piece that deliver an energetic and heavy, yet brooding style of infectious alternative rock. They have been sharpening their teeth at venues across London in advance of the release of their upcoming EP.

Johnny's Gun

Johnny's Gun is a progressive punk band from Fulham. We are a 4 piece band and all study at BIMM college. We have recently started working on my originals, which I have been working on for 4 years. Since forming the band, we have developed our set to resonate influences such as The Kills, Wolf Alice and Pink Floyd, creating an atmosphere that is both psychedelic and energetic.


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