Glass Mantra

We are a 4-piece Progressive Rock band from northwest London that bring the old and the new together into a unique offering for the listeners. Our songs are energetic and push the boundaries of conventional songwriting. Formed in 2017, we recently finalised our line-up and started recording our debut album.


Instagram: @glassmantraband

Twitter: @glassmantra

The Ady Baker Sound

Made up of Ady (vocals & samples), Jim Dorney (bass), Mark Summers (guitar) and Leo Brown (drums), The Ady Baker Sound met whilst scrapping on the playground later than most. Fast forward to a chance conversation in the pub and their eclectic creation started just over a year ago. They’ve been developing their lively sets in venues around the south east and generating a good deal of interest. The band have found a natural rhythm to combining their diverse musical tastes, which shouldn’t work on paper but is "like baking a cake in your ear holes".

Gemini Eye

Gemini Eye are a psych-pop band from London. They are receptive to constructive criticism, but honestly pretty intransigent. Is that a good thing? Not sure, but it is true. At least two of the members will tell you that They Might Be Giants is the greatest rock and roll band in the world, and not even feel embarrassed. Pronouns are they/them, individually and as a unit. Based on current projections, their next two albums will receive a Pitchfork 6.3 and an 8.1 respectively.

Kim Logan

Kim Logan is a songwriter, opera singer, poet, performance artist, rock and roll torchbearer from Florida. Following the release of her debut self-titled album in 2013, Kim has spent the years since touring America and Europe with a wheel-of-fortune display of diverse backing musicians, continuing a 17-year career in staged opera, and pursuing general interdisciplinary attempts at following the muse.

Silent Cities

Toying with guitar sounds transformed using brooding and expansive electronic effects, with a voice that soars above the rest in angelic fashion. Comparisons to an electro-folk Jeff Buckley can be forgiven when you hear his music live and on record, but that's not all: his music also has this incredible world feel too. Listen and you'll be hooked!

Silent Cities is the alias of experimental recording artist, S. Maddison. Featured on BBC 6 Music and BBC Introducing.

The Apricot Hounds

The music of the Apricot Hounds is unique and gutsy cocktail of soulful, trip hop, with authentic rock tones, infused and embroidered with the inspired technicoloured sound of experimental passionate violin and guitar blended with melodic, haunting, and harmonic vocals inspirationally supported by both acoustic and electronic drums.

The Apricot Hounds consists of: 
Adam – vocals, electric guitar 
Agne – vocals & keyboard 
Vaughan – electric violin & guitar 
Sheldon - drums & roland  


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