Mortalitech is a vehicle for the instigation of extreme psychedelic power electronics, digital/classical soundscapes and intense performance. Assimilation of hardware and improvisation thereupon seek to expel visions of the future in which mechanical incursions upon consciousness transpose the nature of existence. The relentless experimentation and algorithmic evolutionary approach to composition exhibited by the project since it’s inception in 2006, constitute a recursive hypnotic ascension to a paradigm unique in its construction.

The Paperwaits

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The Paperwaits are a 4 piece retro indie rock group from Guildford, UK formed in 2014 by brothers Scott and Tom Burchell. They are heavily influenced by 1960s and 70s rock music and love exploring interesting sounds and recording techniques when producing their songs.

The Stumble and Shake

Five musicians from around the globe unite in London to bring you a sonic experience.
The Stumble and Shake combines Indie, psychedelic and soul influences for an upbeat show that will surely get you dancing and shaking.
After playing shows around London they have released their single 'In The Morning' and are currently recording two new singles.

Rainbow Cat

Rainbow cat invite you to join their circus falling down the stairs, complete with anti-depressants and afternoon tea.

Often described as ‘The Band of Many Colours’, Rainbow Cat fuse British 60’s psychedelic pop with a dose of modern realism. Be prepared to smile, dance, and re-evaluate your choice of gardening soil.

Foolish be the man who seeketh gold,
For at my end he will find none.
Wise be the man who seeketh the cat,
For I am him and we are one.

Memoirs of a Rainbow.

Bedroom / Boredom

Bedroom / Boredom are a 6-piece indie band from Surrey. Chill indie rock riffs and psychedelic vibes are tied together by down to earth lyrics, hints of saxophone and offbeat rhythms.
The band create everything in-house, including T-shirts and self-produced EPS; “I Wouldn’t Worry” and brand new "Reefs" are now available on all streaming platforms.

Scumbag College

Rising like Phoenix from the ashes of a works covers band come Scumbag College.

Blending psychedelia, funk, punk, rock and blues into their own original material, the Scumbags cover the important topics of the day, like amorous liaisons with lady vampires and the upcoming zombie apocalypse. In addition to this the Scumbags mix some quirky covers in to their set for your delight and delectation.

The Scumbags EP 'Six of the Best' is free to stream and download from

stone by window

stone by window hail from the London suburbs and beyond.

Originally formed in 2011, with an indie-fied guitar led sensibility mixed with classic 60’s psychedelia and 70’s glam.

A fluid line up led us to concentrate on song-writing and recording.

Now a fully formed 5 piece, with 2 EP’s released and many more gems waiting … to be set free.


A Bristol based psych-jazz band led by saxophonist, Dino Christodoulou, and Neil Smith on guitar. Mixing middle east grooves, kraut rock, free jazz and improv. With Roberto Nappi on drums and Pasquale Votino on electric bass. Live reviews- "...striking the perfect balance between groove-inducing Cypriot rhythms and face-melting sonic outbursts. Saxophone, double-bass, drums and guitar harmonise beautifully with one another before taking a violent turn, gradually descending into a darker beast entirely.


Chairfight was formed in Bristol in 2010 by 3 friends who's brains were the same. Together they disparately mind thrashed and made an album 'Fighting with Chairs' with Jim Barr of Portishead. After a 6 year holiday, they self-recorded an album at a house in Herefordshire. It will be released on Babylegs records autumn 2017.


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