A child of Kent’s sleepy fields, Kopper (2019) is the three-piece post-punk brainchild of London experimental musician Jon Williams. Joined by oddball artists Ed Smith (AKA beatboxrobot) and Tim Robins (War Rooms). Kopper have put together a wild set - something louder, fiercer and more anthemic to defibrillate venues across the country.

Soft Wax

Soft Wax is a five-piece band fusing shiny, clean pop hooks with dirty drums and gritty guitars. Formed in late 2018 by brothers Dan & Chris Angove, the DIY bedroom project has developed into a live act with the help of new members Kerry Edwards (Drums), Beau Bishop (Guitar/BVs) and Dan Elliot (Keys/BVs).

Arthur Navarro

'Polyphonic Omnipresence' is Arthur Navarro's first world music solo album venture that which Native Brazilian Chants, Europe's Classical Music and Indian Mystical Instruments. It was entirely mixed by Navarro's himself at the Abbey Road Institute London and released by British label Suriya Records and distributed by Proper Music Group and American label Six Degrees Records. The album launch happened at Suriya #3 event which took place on the 29th of October 2018 at the Bush Hall, London, UK.

Delight A Thief

A reflection of their Bristolian habitat in a melt of psych rock, dub-reggae and electronica. Drenched in psychedelia their oceanic airwaves reminisce the Floyd days with an undeniable flare. Line up consists of Harmony Knight (Lead Vocals), Alejandro Invernizzi (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Sindbad Gillam (Keyboard/Synth/Vocals), Jake Gazzard (Bass Guitar/Rhythm Guitar) and Danny Waldron (Drums/Vocals). A successful summer UK tour in 2018 unleashed their well-brewed material and saw D.A.T release their debut single Loud Noises to the world.


Stunflower is a multi-genre, cross-cultural trio of musicians creating a cool collision of sound fusing psychedelic rock, funk, reggae, soul, blues......from their base in SE London.
Music-veterans, international performing artists & life-partners Thomas Idasseril Thomas (composer, guitars, vocals, loops) & Devaki Anne-Marie Thomas (vocals, drums, percussion) are joined by Alex Barrett (bass guitar).


SPINNER is an iconic 3-piece Modern British Rock band in the making, offering a multi-layered retro-modern sound. Their music spans the decades, with an inspired blend of garage rock, blues and psychedelia from the 60’s through to today.


Sammie Harris, crowd-pleasing front man, with husky soulful vocals and a modern Townshend rhythmic mastery on electric guitar
James Greenhow, driving those melodies and adding depth and warmth through a pulsing heart of bass
Ryan Sams, skilful yet whimsical Moon-n-Starr-esque on drums

Street Asylum

Street Asylum are an English Alternative rock band formed in 2015 at Uppingham School, Rutland, UK. Their rich, expansive sound has captivated young audiences with epic, psychedelic soundscapes reminiscent of ISLAND, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and a hint of Two Door Cinema Club.

Lunar Bird

Forming in Italy in 2017 before moving to the UK, the Italian/Welsh band delivers a mixture of Dream Pop and Indie Psychedelia.

Influences on the band include The Cure, David Bowie, Beach House, The Strokes, Deerhunter, Björk, Slowdive and Mac DeMarco.

The EP ‘Daydreamer’, self-released in August 2018, was played on several radio programmes, notably on the Adam Walton show on ’BBC Music Introducing’.

Lunar Bird have just finished recording their debut album that is going to be released in 2019.

Birdman Cult

Joseph Eden, a northern English coastal beach rat with roots in everything underground, attracted to the glare of the unknown replants himself down south, far from the post-industrial wastelands where he hears dreams are realised and streets clad with gold. With no map home he suddenly finds himself living in the frenetic city of Bristol. Making peanuts putting on open mic nights in the heart of town.


Fiesta. Celebration. Revelry even. Add an eclectic mix of percussion, native and traditional wind and string instruments and a kick ass drum beat. Throw in a collective of talented multi genre musicians and ardent travellers in a constant search to entertain and connect with audiences. Get transposed to the mesmerizing landscapes that are Goa, Kingston, Rio or Kashmir; just take your pick and go with the flow. Welcome to the enthralling and kaleidoscopic world of Tribali.


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