The Beth Steel


The Beth Steel is Josh, Jack, Nick, Sarah and Luke. 


Based in London they write heavy, hooky, powerful English pop with soaring harmonies.


Their music has been variously described as joyous, beautiful, heartfelt and uplifting, and sometimes dark and introspective...


Sub Couple

Sub Couple are a London based band who play psych edged rock n roll. They formed when singer Dave Tomlinson (XC-NN, Tin Star) went to Los Angeles in 2007 to visit old mate (drummer and now film producer) Chris Clark for a little vacation.

Poor Michael

Poor Michael are a raw three piece heavy surf-psych band from the south.
“Hyper-tight, riff led psych stylings driven along by insistent drums and nigh-on funky bass lines to neat and wholly endearing effect” KERRANG

Voodoo Rays

Voodoo Rays are a dark psychedelic/rock/pop band, from East London and Brighton UK. We formed in the summer of 2010, and have been working since then to gig as often as we can, as well as constantly working on recording and defining our sound at our studio in Battersea. Our style was recently described by as "rock that's not been polished and manipulated, but is instead raw, rough and marvellously tactile" and this goes some way to describe the tension of feeling we aim to bring to our music.

Pale Fires

Pale Fires Pale Fires are a group of four musicians based in suffolk, with a taste for wild and loud psychedelic rock. Forming through a collective frustration and boredom at the current live music scene, the quartet deliver an unpredictable live performance, steaped in waves of atmospheric guitar, urgent groove, and soaring ragged vocals. PALE FIRES are the live band to see now.  4 piece psychedelic rock band Pale Fires are certainly on fire with their infectious ?psychedelicate? rock sound.


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