Primary Colours

Primary Colours are a five piece psychedelic band that have been together for four years and are now a force to be reckoned with. They value silly just as much as severity, as you'll probably be able to tell from their live shows.


A blend of psychedelic sweeping synths, indie-based guitar melodies and full of disco flavour - transcending genres and transporting minds.

VELVET SHAKES are a four piece band, formed in Manchester in June of 2018. Their relentless gigging at venues in and around Manchester and further afield in Leeds and Newcastle has certainly paid off, landing themselves a live session for the BBC in November 2018.

The Rising

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“The Rising are fronted by Tommy Overington. He′s a star, and he means it! Great tunes and a great band” Alan Mcgee – Creation Records

This autumn, The Rising return with their much anticipated second studio album “Are You Ready To Fly?”

It was recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, Wales and was engineered by Welsh experimental musician Tim Lewis (Thighpaulsandra) who has played keyboards for Julian Cope and Spiritualized amongst others during his illustrious career.

No Violet

“Tasty, fuzzy goodness” - Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6

“The best thing around at the moment. Broke my mind, fixed it back again, much better - Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales


Bluish are a Lisbon based dream-pop duo with a distinctive 80s synth sound. Dreamy guitars cast an enchanting spell over the audiences, the resulting sound could quite easily be heard in a David Lynch movie. They left behind them the grey and cold winter; spring came and, with it, two voices and two instruments: A keyboard, with an incisive sonority, marked by occasional rebellion; and a guitar that varies between restlessness and crystalline softness, resulting in melodies that surround us in an intimate nostalgia. Vera Vaz and João Farmhouse had their big debut May 6 2017 at St.

My Diligence

Active since 2010, the Brussels based band MY DILIGENCE return as a trio in 2019 with their second album “Sun Rose”. After the ep “Who Killed The Driver” (2014), their first “Self-Titled” effort (2015) and a line-up change, the band locked itself away from the audience and came back with the 9 tracks of this “Sun Rose”. Two guitars and a drum kit are the ingredients of what MY DILIGENCE is today.

Okay Leader

Okay Leader are a Bristol-based band who rox sox and are punctual, reliable and a great investment opportunity. Formed in 2014 when market research suggested the need for artsy noisemath to ticklate the brainthing of oppressed officeworks, Okay Leader set about honing their craft and have become masters of making air wobble so that audiences are pleased. 9/10 surveymonkey respondents have verifiably had their collective babies. Their debut album has been engraved onto wax cylinders and is coming to a beesnestenhive station near you!

Tense of Fools

Tense of Fools is an independant psychedelic rock band from the south of France. The band is composed of six members, a singer guitarist, a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, a chorister and a saxophonist. Our influences range from psychedelic rock to indie rock through funk or Rock music from the Sixties and the Seventies.

Adventures Of Salvador

Adventures Of Salvador are a unique band , formed in 2011 by Mark Berry and Nigel Beck. On the back of an advert, they soon got to grips with turning influences into something new. Joined by itinerant irishman Joe Clarke and drum loops (aka Johnny Zoom) they started doing the odd gig and local tours, releasing the first single “Happidaze b/w Silent Sky in 2013...a modest indie club floor filler. Gigs continued and a short tour ensued with Loop Aznavour and poet Chris Bainbridge culminating in a Burlesque/Dr sketchy show where an impromptu jam sowed the seeds for what was to follow.


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