Formed in 1995 as a teenage Punk band The PinUps Signed to Deceptive Records home to Britpop legends Elastica. The band then released 2 singles an LP and played The Reading Festival as the youngest band ever to play aged 16. Over the years the band released some private releases and have played all over the UK. Now reformed in 2018 the band are back ready to release a new LP with a new raw mid life crisis sound called 'You Can't Change The Past.' We are no longer a punk band but we still sound raw and unlike anything else.


Both from the prestigious music school BIMM London and from France, Zebrah is a duo created at the beginning of September 2017 who mixes some psychedelic guitar, transverse flute melodies and hip-hop/rnb/neo-soul inspired vocals. As a duo, Zebrah has already performed in many places in London such as the Lock 17, the Monarch or the Finsborough Arms. Recently joined by a drummer and a bassist, the formation is now able to funk up a bit their tune in order to play at bigger venues and touch a larger public.


“Gardenback are three-piece band from Oldham, consisting of Ellis James, Neil James and Jacob James, who create psychedelic influenced anthemic garage rock. With a noisy guitar, melodic bass and powerful drums, they reflect upon what they know best; ambition, frustration and ultimately disappointment.”

Tropisches Tier

In 2013, a codeine fuelled Tropisches Tier, found an old gas factory in the middle of London by mistake. Not long after, all the interiors turned black and the opiated guitars started to emerge behind a simple kick, like early bleep techno just honest and deep.

What sounded at first like stray images of passing paranoia, came together to create the picture of an unstable but rather sweet sound torn by schizophrenia.


Somedays began taking form as a recording project when a homeless folk street artist couchsurfed at a disillusioned Law graduate’s place. From there, their shared passion for music inspired an engineer brother, a punk rocker and a globetrotting, techno-loving Swiss model to join the group. Within two months of their formation, they recorded three demos and slapped them on Soundcloud.


Caveparty are a Liverpool based noise pop/rock outfit currently colliding the worlds of synth pop and riff rock with occasional falsetto hooks bursting out of a tidal wave of sound.
The band are currently studying music at the Liverpool Institute for Performing arts and met through a mutual love of British indie and electro psychedelic music which has now led them into developing a sound that taps into the listeners imagination followed by a massive smack to the face.

Roscoe Roscoe

Roscoe Roscoe are a 4 piece, London based Psychedelic Rock band, all studying music and music tech at the Brit school. They are soon to release they're 'self-titled' debut EP in early March, all written, recorded and produced by front man Charlie Read Clark


ANIQO is a German musician, who does not feel German. She was born in an old historical city near the Baltic sea where she observed her surroundings quite early – always with a skeptical view at society and human beings. With the age of 12 she wrote her first songs and poems – dark and critical – but always with a spark of hope. At the center of her music is her haunting voice – underpinned by atmospheric sounds, cryptic piano – or guitar melodies and an unmistakable silence between the notes. The contents of her songs cover topics related to human behavior.


The journey started when the five members were still in school learning about little things until they stumbled upon music. Their conversations changed from girls to politics, mental illness, society and fate.


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