Before form a fugue [fyoog] is metaphorical; it's purpose is to reveal connections in seemingly unlike things. It's method is to develop an idea in never precisly the same way.
Expect delicate vocals and piano with heavy baselines and driving beats.


KOMRAUS is London based, Live Music Project mixing trip-hop music with cinematic universes and epic lyrics. Komraus wants to bring the intimacy of our secrets and passions to the music world.

Based on Marcin Komraus compositions in collaboration with Sara Rioja, this is a project conformed by successful professional musicians with the need of bringing solid and intimate live performances to the audience to unleash their senses.

KOMARUS has played in Spain, Italy, Portugal and London and has a repertoire of their own original songs of over 1 hour.

[en] Rose

The Band was formed in London in March 2017 by American born multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer Adam M. (a.k.a Johnny Rock, Buddy A - Mutant Bird, PLMB). He was later joined by Italian pluri-disciplinary Luigi Z. and young guitar prodigy Freddie V. from the UK. Reminiscing from past experiences and heartbreaks, Adam composed a few moody tracks in the heart of a Hackney Wick warehouse..


A collective of musicians and producers exploring the sonic realms of psychedelia, jazz, rock, electronica and ambience

Chloe Bodur

Chloé Bodur is a singer/music producer from London, blending elements of soul, RnB and jazz into one infectious style. Her erratic yet sultry vocals are backed by a 4-piece outfit for live shows: James Hazel on bass, Malte Henning providing guitars, Jono Pamplin with complex, syncopated drum grooves and electronic artist Lapsung playing synth, keys and samples. Standing to the left of the usual live soul act, influenced by the works of Frank Ocean and multiple electronic artists- this new band are not to be missed.


Northwest was formed in 2015 in the UK by multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Ignacio Simón and visual artist, composer and singer Mariuca García-Lomas They gained attention with three home recorded singles (Reflection, Wind and Look At Me) which were released independently and with very little promotion, accompanied by three artistic videos directed by Mariuca García-Lomas herself.


Rotante are a female led band blending the sounds of Neo Soul, Trip Hop and Electronic with Rhona Nolasco and Cris Tanzi on vocals, Kelly Teh on keys, Dave De Rose on bass and Mark Rudd on drums. Currently working on some new material the band newly formed in August 2016 looking to create exciting new music!


Growing up, Norwegian artist/songwriter NOR∆, always had music and art around her. Having a mom that was a singer and actress gave her a rare opportunity to explore her passion from a very early age, which quickly lead to always being a part of school showcases, musicals etc.. At the age of 13 she started out training classical technique under college principal at University College of Southeast Norway; Olav Boedker Neass, which she continued doing until she moved to London at the age of 20.


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