Dirty Thumbs are a 4 piece based in London and sound like the bastard love child of the Stooges, Nirvana, MC5, and the Stones rolled into one. Contemporary and classic punk rock heavily laced with grunge.

They are fresh from recording 3 track E.P. “Hurt Me Like You Used To Do”, a fast paced AC/DC Kinks freak out; “I Don't Want It From You”, a brooding clash of Queen's Of The Stone Age and Nirvana; and “Play Dumb”, an epic and driving piece that touches on sounds from the Stones and the Stone Roses.


Originally formed with a passion for performing their own original music. TOMMYANDMARY's influences come from many situations that they have felt the need to project to their audience. These situations are very easily empathised by those that feel in-prisoned or judged by society.

Young Francis

Young Francis is a One Man Garage Punk Band from Brighton, playing drums by foot and guitar by hand. Young Francis plays 2 minute songs about girls. FFO: Ramones and White Stripes mixed together.

The Rioters

​Formed sometime around 2014 when Rae answered Jon's advert in a lonely hearts column, The Rioters developed from a failed tryst into a functioning (just about) band. Though the physical bond between the two was never realised, they did have a common interest in long walks on the beach. professional dog grooming and most importantly good ol' fashioned punk with a political slant and a back to basics DIY approach. 

Space Blaster

Space Blaster is the musical alias of brothers Jamie (23) and Tom (26), practicing and playing together for well over a decade and both with years of engineering experience for top UK producers, the duo have a honed in vision and ear for live rock music. Inspired by the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, The Dead Weather and Royal Blood, Space Blaster take you on a journey through their unique blend of heavy blues riffs, ear licking hooks and razor sharp synths over a sea of thundering rhythms.

Cardboard Hit

‘Cardboard HIT’ are a Mongrel of a band formed in East Sussex. Singer bass player Ross Towner is from North London, whilst singer/guitarist, Lee Hayes, was brought up in Runcorn, Cheshire. The Drummer, Matt Rouse, is the only home grown member in this nomadic three piece. These three friends are very different characters indeed but have morphed into a tight unit producing their own take on stripped down garage rock, combining unique vocal harmonies with heavy grooves and riff based tunes.


Haze are a young alternative band from Oxfordshire. Stylistically, their sound and performance is reminiscent of The Libertines and Parquet Courts, with anthemic tunes and engaging stage presence . The band formed at a very young age and over time the band has evolved, fine-tuning their unique sound and building a sizeable following along the way.


TALL is Jonathan Foster. Jonathan Foster is TALL. Born and raised in Southern Virginia, TALL now calls London home. Joined by bassist Marcelo Graf Reis and drummer Mike Lown, TALL brings a wave of nostalgia with heavy garage and psych music, accented with moments of pretty pop rock.


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