We're from the music infused south-coast town of Brighton, we play heavy heavy blues with sprinkles of Garage, we're fronted by Chris Moon and there's four of us. Come and see our show :)

Lily McKenzie

South London singer/songwriter, pianist and producer mixes electronic grimey bass music with soulful piano lines and sultry heart felt vocals.
2014 sees Lily McKenzie release her debut solo EP ‘Support Machine’. The lead track features UK Rapper, Giggs, and received support from 1Xtra, Kiss, Earmilk, Clash, Hunger, Notion, Mixmag and was also made Record of the Day.
Clash: “‘Support Machine’ is sultry, soulful UK garage with a 21st century twist just ripe for a pop explosion”

Suburban 100

Suburban 100 are a rock 'n' roll four piece who have already burst out of the blocks, having headlined three of their first five London dates and releasing their debut E.P 'The Sun Rises in the East' within months of their formation in London last year. 

Junkyard Choir

Junkyard Choir is a two-piece musical powerhouse from Brighton, England - a stripped-down garage orchestra of guitar and drums characterised by gritty melodies and commanded by imperious vocals. Mark Woods and Tom Herbert are purveyors of a restless and dirty blues from south of the borderlands - drenched in rum, and served with lime - this is riot music, roadtrip rocknroll: the sounds of the desert and the soul of the swamp, forged from hunger and baptised in sweat.

Kismet Ryding

Kismet Ryding, boast psychedelic garage sounds of the 60's with a modern day kick up the arse. They posses a presence of power in their performance, topped off with lashings of energy from all four members, you just don't know where to look when they brace the stage.
The lads create a storm of melodic and powerful sounds that marry the talent of Led Zeppelin with the stomping force of Kasabian. This charismatic band decked out in vintage clobber should firmly be on your radar.


Started early in 2012, Spitehouse are a raw rock trio from North London. They recorded a demo EP in summer of 2012 and just recently released the single for the track Strictly Platonic with the addition of their new bassist. Soon to be recording their debut EP they like to keep things as dynamic and punchy as possible. 

Earth Before The Deluge

Earth Before the Deluge is a four piece guitar band from London playing the type of raw energetic rock that seems to be absent from our lives. Switching from fuzz distorted riffs to melodic bliss they are snarling mess of contradictions and have been described as heavy or soft, thoughtful and thoughtless and loud or quiet, but mostly loud.


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