Started early in 2012, Spitehouse are a raw rock trio from North London. They recorded a demo EP in summer of 2012 and just recently released the single for the track Strictly Platonic with the addition of their new bassist. Soon to be recording their debut EP they like to keep things as dynamic and punchy as possible. 

Earth Before The Deluge

Earth Before the Deluge is a four piece guitar band from London playing the type of raw energetic rock that seems to be absent from our lives. Switching from fuzz distorted riffs to melodic bliss they are snarling mess of contradictions and have been described as heavy or soft, thoughtful and thoughtless and loud or quiet, but mostly loud.

The Captors

The Captors are a Brighton based band with a raw and original garage rock beat. Rejecting superfluities to pump out primal electric rhythms these rouges will have you shaking your thing all night long. 'Everything including distortion and effects have been stripped away leaving some really great, understated, eclectic and thoroughly charming music' Matt Upchuck, Brighton Unsigned.

The Black Mirrors

The Black Mirrors are a Garage Punk three piece formed in early 2012 as the brain child of vocalist/guitarist Mark Mason. They take influence in the melancholy, macabre and perverse. Their amazingly dynamic live shows (supporting amongst others Garage Pop Revivalists Sissy and the Blisters and Blues Rockers The Jim Jones Revue) and début E.P received critical acclaim and has been a springboard to developing a cult following. 2013 has seen the recording of the bands follow up single "The River" with Dan Chapman on drums and Stuart Hannah on bass and is due for release in March of this year.


The Isle of Wight's very own Dirty Rock N Rollers BullyBones! These guys have been playing tons of venues recently to rave reviews from their hometown to London and back. With an album already out and a 7" on the way, There has been no stopping these lads since they launched in the later part of last year, The raw energy of these guys is an experience in itself and not to be missed.

Hollow Giants


'It's like the first slice of cake or ripping open a fresh pack of cigarettes' - Adam Not Eve

'A hella-lotta drums, and a hella-lotta air punchiness, and you might be able to tell why we're positively hooked, lined and sinkered on this'' - Killing Moon

'It’s a huge sound that brings to mind lofty mountains and lush valleys, and yet, ironically, it was all created in the confines of a garage'' - Zero Music Radio


Deaf Yeti

DEAF YETi are a garage rock four-piece hailing from London, UK. Referencing the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth and Patti Smith, their sound is loud, dirty and full of glitter. Having recorded their first demo, 'The Gunfactory Ep' with Mark Waterman (him of Elastica fame) DEAF YETi are currently booking for the Summer season and 2013. Put on your fur and leathers.


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