E L L i S i O N is the alias of “finger drumming” producer and multi-intrumentalist, Henry Dymott. Having played shows in and around Europe, this genre flippant artist fuses lo-fi, glitch hop and Pop and R&B. Attracting guest rappers, singers and producers, a vibrant 3D visual sound has been formed. This includes unquantised button pushing and knob breaking twisting. In summary... E L L i S i O N pushes buttons.

Parachute Words

Parachute Words is an indie rock outfit from London who has spent the last two years playing and releasing self-recorded albums. Inspired by American indie rock bands like Beat Happening, Neutral Milk Hotel and Car Seat Headrest the songwriting takes many forms from straight forward love songs to temperamental lo-fi diss-tracks.

Green Dolphin

Sam: "The Beatles"
Josh: "Metallica"
James: "... Megadeth"
Harvey: "Adele"
All except Harvey: "Vote to challenge!"

Green Dolphin are on the way to a gig in the tour bus (Sam's Toyota Yaris), playing one of their favourite road trip games; 'Band'. Essentially, it's a word association game for music enthusiasts. Everyone is always left wondering if Harvey can really draw a link between two bands as seemingly unrelated as Megadeth and Adele, hence the unanimous 'vote to challenge'. 'Band' is one of a few quirky games that the four enjoy while on the road.


Born In Between Colours (BIBC) is a fresh London-based artist that specialises in enticing, hip hop fuelled music. This Stockholm native infuses traditionally urban leaning music with deliciously dreamy mellow tones. His new release, plane CRASH, calls upon this trademark sound with unique vigour and features Parisian artist Helma, produced & engineered by Skinnyphat Bermz & BIBC.


Since she was very young, Lelli was supported by her brother, house artist JAW (aka Nathan Daisy). In 2013 she was a special guest for French trio dOP’s set at France’s largest electronic music festival, Les Plages
 Éléctroniques in Cannes.
Her move to London in 2017 to study songwriting marked the next stage of her career – using her songwriting for electronic music. She’s already realised a number of dreams, like performing with dOP in one of London’s most iconic nightclub, Fabric. With the help of Loid, she released her single ‘‘Shadows’’.


Hailing from Brighton, Hurling are a 3 piece post-punk group. They have been together since they were 12, growing together under the influence of The Clash, Orange Juice and Josef K. They are now 20. Having toured this summer, headlining gigs in cities such as Brighton, Manchester and Bristol.

Thomas Headon

19 year old Thomas Headon:
- won the year 10 maths award
- only has like one good song
- owns a cardboard cutout of Harry Styles
- releases music in the hope to be verified on any form of social media

Miriam Briggs

Miriam Briggs is an emerging artist currently based in London. With a background in classical music, she has more recently turned to experimenting with new forms. Her influences encompass a wide range of soundworlds including jazz, experimental, electronic, R&B and early 20th century French classical music. Miriam is also a poet and is inspired by nature, ambiguity and walking.

Deja Blu

Deja Blu are a two-piece, dream-pop band from Farnham that started making music in the summer of 2018. Their tracks create dreamy soundscapes with etherial vocals and experimental beats. They have three released tracks and are working on more to release through out 2020.


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