Hallan performs music with reverb drenched guitar and words that are upfront and real just as they should be. Born and raised on the southcoast of the Uk, Hallan is the indie/alternative project of Conor Clements. Birthed from bedroom demos and lofi gear, Hallan mixes elements of jazz with the attitude and honesty of homegrown, do it yourself, indie rock.


We are a four piece indie/lo-fi band from south London, inspired by bands such as sonic youth, radiohead, the cure, joy division and others

Tugboat Captain

Having risen out of the ashes of Naked Lights in early 2017, South London Band Tugboat Captain transform intimate bedroom indie-folk into anthemic, wild and chaotic live shows. Rotating band members and wide instrumental variation give each show something totally unique and with a rabid and dedicated fanbase the band have already established themselves as a refreshingly unpredictable live experience.


Izambard, full name Somhairle Isambard Cunningham, is an experimental artist & writer from East London.
Born in homerton, he is the founder of creative label Kingdome (www.kingdome.co.uk) and it's underground event Boudica. He also performs as the lead of experimental group Mate; whose debut project "Casper" was released for free in November of last year and is to be followed by a film of the same name, written and directed by himself.


Jolé aka Josh Oliver is a songwriter from London. After touring in bands for over 5 years he now writes music as a solo artist and for others. Following a 6 month stint of travelling the world Jolé has now started to bring his music to the stage. For fans of Ry X, Justin Vernon and Ben Howard


Spec is a solo artist who is playing with everything he can to make the right sound. Based in Brighton, he has been playing solo shows to see what the music sounds like out loud as opposed to in his head. His influences are many and varied.


BARBUDO have been playing shows and parties around London and the south for over a year now. The core of the band are two brothers: Ben & Harry Stanworth, who write, record and share vocal duties, joined by Elliot on bass and Tom on drums for their live sets. All songs are written and recorded at their home, which also serves as a performance space for impromptu house parties and gigs. BARBUDO all possess impressive manes, so it makes it particularly apt that their debut EP, entitled ‘BARBUDO EP’, has been released on London-based DIY label Hairy Recordings.

Alex Alex

The last time Alex Alex was making music, MySpace was still a thing. A lot has changed since then: he's now on Instagram and it’s been 8 years since he was last writing his own music. Fresh out of recording his debut EP at Abbey Road, Alex Alex's music is soaked in desire and restraint. Influenced by the soulful tones of John Martyn and the haunting atmospherics of the XX, his dreamlike looping riffs and airy vocals live long in the memory.



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