Since she was very young, Lelli was supported by her brother, house artist JAW (aka Nathan Daisy). In 2013 she was a special guest for French trio dOP’s set at France’s largest electronic music festival, Les Plages
 Éléctroniques in Cannes.
Her move to London in 2017 to study songwriting marked the next stage of her career – using her songwriting for electronic music. She’s already realised a number of dreams, like performing with dOP in one of London’s most iconic nightclub, Fabric. With the help of Loid, she released her single ‘‘Shadows’’.


Hailing from Brighton, Hurling are a 3 piece post-punk group. They have been together since they were 12, growing together under the influence of The Clash, Orange Juice and Josef K. They are now 20. Having toured this summer, headlining gigs in cities such as Brighton, Manchester and Bristol.

Thomas Headon

19 year old Thomas Headon:
- won the year 10 maths award
- only has like one good song
- owns a cardboard cutout of Harry Styles
- releases music in the hope to be verified on any form of social media

Miriam Briggs

Miriam Briggs is an emerging artist currently based in London. With a background in classical music, she has more recently turned to experimenting with new forms. Her influences encompass a wide range of soundworlds including jazz, experimental, electronic, R&B and early 20th century French classical music. Miriam is also a poet and is inspired by nature, ambiguity and walking.

Deja Blu

Deja Blu are a two-piece, dream-pop band from Farnham that started making music in the summer of 2018. Their tracks create dreamy soundscapes with etherial vocals and experimental beats. They have two released tracks and are working on more to release through out the year.


SOME PEOPLE is a year-old band based in London with rock, country and soul credentials. Playing original tunes with a healthy dose of nostalgia. A 4-piece band centered around the songwriting partnership of Callum Dearden & Orson Fry. They formed the band while living in Arles, France, playing open mic nights and putting on DIY shows. The band has now moved to hometown London, where they play regularly.

Luna Park

Luna Park are an Electro, Low-Fi Rnb Duo that consists of Kieran Fowkes (Nottingham) Instrumentalist and Max Mcreton (London) Producer. The two met whilst travelling in Australia back in 2017 and quickly realised they had the same passion for music. Upon returning back to the UK they decided to give this project a go. They have got over 20 songs done since January this year and continue to write new material to push their musical boundaries and to get their musical relationship to be as natural as ever.

New Nervous Kind

The New Nervous Kind are a Kent based indie rock band formed in 2016. Their range of different genres & styles of music have blended to create a to-the-point style of music that sounds as vintage as it does modern. Taking inspiration from noughties garage rock, their repertoire of guitar based songs feature a range of memorable licks & melodies throughout, with mellow verses & driven choruses. Previously compared to The Strokes and The Kinks, the band are set to release their first single this year.

Check out their new EP below:

Vyne. Collective

In early 2017 a songwriting partnership occurred, Vyne. Collective was born with the first single and first song being written 'All For You'. Pulling inspiration from their influences and life that revolves around them Vyne. Collective create an eclectic style that grows due to the the wide range of influence and rotation of members. Currently the project is sitting in between Jeff Buckley esque melodies and a bluesy growl in the instrumentation. Like water, the project will take shape of its surroundings.

Keep it Short

We are an alternative/indie trio from Bristol who write catchy, lo-fi riffs with punchy harmonies. We like to think our music sounds quite summery and we have been told our new stuff is lively/fun to dance to so we're looking forward to releasing it!

We formed in Devon as a duo after meeting at university before moving up to Bristol where we became a trio (thanks to our drummer!) Originally we wrote fairly mellow, indie songs but have since developed a more indie rock sound inspired by Twin Peaks, Tame Impala and Mac DeMarco.


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