Once likened to four brothers, Bristol based Tungz are a tight-knit group delivering an intoxicating blend of 70s synths, disco grooves and friendship. Their electric live performance secured them support slots with Her's, Franc Moody, and Boy Pablo as well as a sold out London headline show this January. Emerging from their basement home-studio, with backing from BBC Radio 1Xtra, Dummy, and Hillydilly, Tungz are clearing the way for a new era of funk inspired bedroom pop.


"Born from nothing and forever mutating, Hallan is a group of 4 young locals birthed in the sludge of Portsmouth. Truth, honesty and humility come together to create Hallan, combined with the experiences of an emerging adult in the complex and poetic world of the now. Hot off a busy year full of shows and a packed Headline gig in their Hometown, Post-Punk band Hallan are on the verge of taking their sound nationwide. Expect spasmodic guitar, catchy hooks and frustrated poetry spat over a punk beat and dirty bass line."

Kiss Me, Nefertiti

Kiss Me, Nefertiti... sometimes a 5-piece, sometimes a 3-piece, sometimes one guy with a tape machine. Rising from the smouldering and pungent ashes of a bunch of defunct London acts, all centred around the now-also-defunct free-music label Foof Records.

Essentially, we put the func in defunct.

Vanilla Waves

Vanilla Waves swirls genres such as spaghetti-western, garage rock, soul, surf and 60's pop, put in a blender filled with tequila, synthesizers and the brains of Ennio Morricone. The band was formed by the Swedes Axel and Wilmer, who during the boiling summer of 2017 worked in a restaurant in central London. The duo decided to hang up their knives and pick up their axes instead. After an intense month of songwriting, they reached out to their long-time friends Tille Tequila and Hockey Travolta, who joined in on drums and bass.

Dead Slow Hoot

Dead Slow Hoot - Est. MMXIII

Bittersweet, anthemic, melancholy alt rock made in Sheffield.

Dead Slow Hoot combine poetic lyricism with rich musical textures and sparse sonic landscapes to fill your ears with melancholy musings. After the release of their EP 'I Suppose They Were Better Off As Dead' in 2016, Dead Slow Hoot have progressed to playing larger and larger stages, receiving critical praise from the likes of Steve Lamacq, BBC Radio 6 Music in the process.

Louis Warner

Louis Warner has been playing and recording music for over 20 years. He was a founder member and lead singer of doomed indie rockers The Hotels, before going on to co-found High Above The Storm, who have to date released two full length studio albums. He also sings and plays bass guitar in three-piece garage rockers Electric Hoarse. His influences and interests are deep and wide, including the singer songwriters who've set the grief and humour bar high; Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Mark Linkous, Jason Molina and Gareth Liddiard.

Gemini Eye

Gemini Eye are a psych-pop band from London. They are receptive to constructive criticism, but honestly pretty intransigent. Is that a good thing? Not sure, but it is true. At least two of the members will tell you that They Might Be Giants is the greatest rock and roll band in the world, and not even feel embarrassed. Pronouns are they/them, individually and as a unit. Based on current projections, their next two albums will receive a Pitchfork 6.3 and an 8.1 respectively.

Future West

Future West is the musical brainchild of Irish/London based multi-instrumentalist/producer Francis Watters. Since conceiving the project in 2016 Francis has self-recorded and released 2017’s debut record “Holy Shit… Here Come The Future West” as well as co-recording/engineering/mixing the very limited 7’ vinyl run of 2016’s “Call Me stupid” and 2018’s “Radio Town”. After recently relocating to London and turning Future West into a solo venture, Francis has gifted the project with two very diverse live shows.

Actual Fact

Actual Fact is popping up everywhere at the moment — tracks that have no outward form but just meander through the schedule, and often, but not always, are played out live in real time. In spite of their spontaneous feel and free flow these tracks have usually been carefully orchestrated, and that’s part of Actual Fact appeal: crafted to sound like life itself, impressionistic, en plein air, long-running. It’s not to everyone’s taste — too slow, too redolent of nostalgia for a mystical past where there was once time and space to think.

Sunny Robertson

Residing in Peckham, South London, 25 year old multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter, Sunny Robertson has been dabbling in the lofi bedroom indiepop world with his quirky songs, honest, lighthearted lyrics and boyish charm. His home studio, 'Float Rock' has become a hub for artists to explore DIY music in homely comfort, bringing the artist and audience together by creating familiar atmosphere within the recordings and by not taking things too seriously. Home is where the heart's at, and most importantly - it's wear the bed's at too.


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