Iconics are a four piece band from Surrey. They write fast paced tunes taking influence from british indie bands such as Arctic Monkeys, The Libertines, The Stone Roses etc. The boys have played packed out shows at well known venues, with The Boileroom in Guildford being a local frequently played gig venue for them. They are currently in the studio recording their new tracks to be released on all streaming services.


Alterpodes comes after the idea of different dimensions and realities that somehow relate but yet are different. Reyson and meets Eddie in Camden town on a cold winter night and immediately start working on alternate ideas based on material Reyson had worked on in his previous projects. Alessio and Tarek joined adding their no fucks given attitude to complete the pure energy that is Alterpodes!


Animal Breakdown combine a blend of indie rock with a dash of powerpop, an unhinged nostalgia of 80's post punk/new wave. Formed out of the ashes of family tragedy, broken hearts, violence and unemployment brothers in arms Martin, Josef and Marco needed to exorcise some demons and inject some joy and direction into their lives.


Founded when most of its members remained on the bridge between adolescence and adulthood, SWAY’s embryonic stages saw the band wrestle to come to terms with what they wanted to be as they idly wandered between genres and niches. Built upon influences ranging from boisterous indie rock to deeply introspective shoegaze and post-punk, their perseverance and ardent determination that was bred from playing in local Paisley venues soon spawned a prodigiously talented unit that managed to amalgamate their diverging tastes into an invigorating sound of their own devising.


Bridging the divide between Soul, Funk, Garage, Punk and Rock & Roll may seem like a tall order on paper – but as audiences across Europe attest, MAIORANO do it with gusto.

With their sound so difficult to define, and a name initially tricky to pronounce (it’s “My-Oh-Ra-No“, in case you were wondering), it’s a welcome relief that the music is so easy to love. This is especially true of their live performance, as charismatic frontman Alex commands the stage with a missionary zeal whilst the band delivers tight rhythms, soulful grooves and soaring brass backing.

Pretty Cartel

Pretty Cartel are a 5 piece Indie/Rock n Roll/Mod from the City of Belfast. Formed in 2012 the bands first single "The Busker" became an instant hit on local radio , and went on to be the soundtrack for the BackinBelfast campaign on TV/Radio and online. The band Released Tales of the working class - Their Debut EP In 2013 with stand out tracks receiving critical acclaim from Belfast and the mainland.

The Lapels

"The Lapels have swayed from the popular alternative route, as their music is infused with influences from too many greats of the 60's, bringing a classic yet contemporary sound to the music scene".


Leicester-based four-piece AVNT GARDS combine the ethereal with the punchy, taking you from spirited highs to soulful lows. With influences from Stevie Wonder to Radiohead, AVNT GARDS are guaranteed to rekindle your lust for spine-tingling rhythms and enigmatic melodies. With deep roots in the Midlands, their soul-shaking tones capture both the subtle ennui and innate, unearthed, raw emotion of the region. The band simmer with drive and a tenacious approach to their art.

The Greedy Souls

We are The Greedy Souls, a 4-piece rock band from West Yorkshire. We are 4 lads with a love for music and ready to smash 2019!

SouthWaves Audio
"The Greedy Souls bring their own uniqueness to the rock and roll musical table. What they have to offer is something strong, sprightly and infectious."
"With this level of skill, strong sense of artistic purpose, perseverance and drive, there’s no reason why ‘The Greedy Souls’ wont actually rule."


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