Lavender Skies

South London based 4-piece rock n roll band formed one fateful night in Brixton, blending the sounds of 90s britpop with contemporary alternative, indie and hard rock. Founding members Stu, Josh, James and Ben bring a wide array of influences including The Stone Roses, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age and Funkadelic.


SHINERS are an East London 4-piece Brit Wave band who grew up listening to their parent’s punk and new wave records, while at the height of Brit Pop. They write catchy pop songs drenched in post-punk angular guitars, driving bass, 60s keys and punchy drums. Songwriter Jamie Delaney knows how to take a pristine melody and gleefully smash it to bits.

The Harringtons

Forming in 2014 at the age of 16, The Harringtons are a fresh faced, feel-good Rock n’ Roll trio from Sheffield, Jack, Brad and Jordan have a fresh outlook on music, taking influence from mod-culture and vintage styles, mixed with other guitar-based music from the 90s, The Harringtons classify their style as ’Neo-Vintage’ which brings classic indie guitar music into this century, while adding a new spin.

Fire On The Roof

Forming after a shout out on The Cardiff musicians band page, and after a couple of weeks of anonymous open mics...

The Lads had one of their chicken shop jam sessions rudely interrupted by the Fire Brigade evacuating the building due to a “FIRE ON THE ROOF”, and there was no turning back for the Cardiff four piece.

Embracing a whole host of styles, the band have honed their sound to deliver hard hitting tunes that will indent themselves in your memory.

The Revolt

We are a 5 piece Indie/Britpop band coming from Hertfordshire. We play songs inspired by bands such as The Jam, Oasis and The Arctic Monkeys.

The Sha La La's

With Swirling Hammond Organ and Vocals delivered with real purpose, The Sha La La’s are a London based Four piece Steeped in Mod and Soul Roots. Signed to Detour Records their 60s R&B influences are apparent but make no mistake, their sound is definitely their own and definitely NOW.

French Boutik

"They call it pop moderniste, I call it bloody marvelous" (Shindig) * "The Epitome of Cool....Simply irresistible in exciting and eclectic mix" (What's On Shropshire)* "Super-cool sounds that merge together classic Sixties Soul and the cinematic influences of film-noir and spy movie soundtracks and mix them all up with French Ye-Ye, Mod and a nice edge of New Wave" (Retroman Blog)* "The bottom line is that French Boutik knock out infuriatingly catchy modern-day grooves with a hint of the past, rather than drowning in it"(Modculture)* "They make Mod appear like a cool thing, wh


We have been together for 2 years now and we are very hungry for people to hear our music so we can send everybody a message of the greatness of the music we write.


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