Hailed as “the next big thing” by Irish rock legend Christy Dignam of ‘Aslan,’ ‘Hawke’ are a new band formed in March 2019 in Dublin’s south inner city.

Combining their influences (The Verve/Oasis/Arcade Fire) with contemporary sounds, lead singers Richard Power & Eoghan Mac Mahon offer an anthemic flavour of indie/alt-pop.

After recording their first home demos in Richard’s bedroom, they sent the tracks to their London based producers and shortly after recorded their first releases in Abbey road & Metropolis studios in London.

Set In Stone

Set in Stone bring an original yet familiar sound back into modern day music - with great melodies and musicianship. Starting life in a bedroom, they worked their way to become known in their hometown. Possessing a frontman (Jamie Watts) with attitude, which is complimented perfectly by a calm lead guitarist (Leon Parkins). Charlie Shortell (Drums) holds up the back line, who connects perfectly with the relaxed bassist Will Stephens Aka Sid...


As Hertfordshire's only Mock and Rollers wearing Hawaiian dad shirts, Vertigo have created quite a splash on the thriving music scene there. Formed in 2018 with lead dictator Henry on vocals and bass, Ollie 'the animal' on drums and the classy roadman Brendan on the axe, Vertigo write colourful bangers drawing on the old and the new and present them with flare! Rants about England, Raves about amateurs, Corkers about buskers, tunes about whatever you want. They've got em'. Come on inside, everyone's welcome here.

George Hennessey

George Hennessey is a singer/songwriter based in London. Taking influences from Britpop and Grunge George started up a music career in 2018 playing his primary instrument acoustic guitar and singing. George has now formed a band and are in the early stages of playing gigs around London. He has two singles out on spotify and is releasing his debut ep in March/April time.

Leyla Diamondi

The 20-year-old London-based artist that is Leyla Diamondi concerns herself with the power in the things we can not see.
In her music Leyla demonstrates how moving on and learning from the past, rather than being saddled by it, is the best way for one to grow into the person they deserve to be. She does this by treating the past, present, and future as a perfect equilibrium.
Many people have described Leyla Diamondi’s voice as both “powerful” and “soft”, and always mention how “unique” it is.

David Woodcock

David Woodcock, signed to Blow Up Records, is a singer-songwriter based in his hometown of Southend-on-Sea. A pianist and prolific writer, with a strong local following, he has been building up a solid songbook of sharp lyrics and great melodies that have been distilled into his self-titled debut album, released in August 2014 to huge critical acclaim.

Sunset Highs

Sunset Highs are a fine London thing.

A band defined by magnetic melodies, roaring guitars and silky swagger.

Infusing a melting pot of new and old. They are defenders of a guitar era passed, yet devoted to an evolution of new sounds. A sound that bonds grainy rock n roll, with up-tempo vibes and a light shade of blue.

The band’s culture is built on musicianship that delivers on a promise of atmosphere. With lyrical content that takes inspiration from deliberations and daydreams, Sunset Highs are loaded with inviting verses and charismatic choruses.

The Divisions

Young indie band with heavy influences from 80s post punk and 90s Brit bop coming straight out of London
Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar: Jim
Lead Guitar: Will
Bass/Vocals: Ben
Drums: Jakeem


Known for their intolerance to their 9 to 5 jobs, Djoolio play a catchy electronic pop-rock.
Their debut EP, Flat 41, has been released on Spotify in December 2018, followed by the latest single Digital Souls released the following year.
The best place and time to listen to their music, other than at live gigs, is a crowded bus at 8.45AM on a Monday morning crossing London Bridge.
They also don't believe in long bios so see you at their next gig.

Mixed Opinions

Mixed Opinions are a group of part-time maniacs that share one love... Procrastination.

When They don't hate themselves, they love to be creative and play simple tunes that make the people move.
They don't embellish the present music scene and they love the old school tunes from Led Zeppelin to RATM and embrace newer bands like Arctic Monkeys and The Hives, who inspire them too.
Simple Riffs give shape and a platform to lyrics that talk about a society that only wants to celebrate two things...gold and individualism.


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