NightZero are the new British wave of Anthemic Power Rock and Alternative Rock band from London, UK.

The band started on 2016 with the idea/concept of mixing shoegaze-rock with american alternative rock, and also the best of the sounds from bands such as Smashing Pumpkins, Turnover, Skunk Anansie, Guano Apes, adding to this a touch of Psychedelic Rock.

Deja Blu

Deja Blu are a two-piece, dream-pop band from Farnham that started making music in the summer of 2018. Their tracks create dreamy soundscapes with etherial vocals and experimental beats. They have three released tracks and are working on more to release through out 2020.


Dog Unit are a four-piece instrumental improv rock band. Do call them: purveyors of entrancing drone, tactile texture, slow-mo polyrhythm and skewiff riff. Don't call them: Dogwai.


Heartworms is a South London based alternative rock band, Jojo (vocals/guitar) Gian (guitar) Charlie (drums) Ollie (bass) James (synth). With infusions of punk and dream pop, dreamy to daring vocals and contagous melodies, Heartworms takes infleunce from Wolf Alice, Alvvays, Jeff Buckley, Pixies and Black Honey in a new approach. They have some demos out on soundcloud and are in the process of wiritng their first ever EP.

Soft Wax

Soft Wax is a five-piece band fusing shiny, clean pop hooks with dirty drums and gritty guitars. Formed in late 2018 by brothers Dan & Chris Angove, the DIY bedroom project has developed into a live act with the help of new members Kerry Edwards (Drums), Beau Bishop (Guitar/BVs) and Dan Elliot (Keys/BVs).


Founded when most of its members remained on the bridge between adolescence and adulthood, SWAY’s embryonic stages saw the band wrestle to come to terms with what they wanted to be as they idly wandered between genres and niches. Built upon influences ranging from boisterous indie rock to deeply introspective shoegaze and post-punk, their perseverance and ardent determination that was bred from playing in local Paisley venues soon spawned a prodigiously talented unit that managed to amalgamate their diverging tastes into an invigorating sound of their own devising.


Starting as an acoustic singer songwriter, Rowe has been progressing throughout her experimentations over the past 2 years, to fall into the prefect place she always imagined her music to be. With influence of Bon Iver, RY X and Daughter, she has taken her traditional folk roots and formed them into eerie ambient music with an indie edge.
Influenced by poetry and people watching her music can make you feel at home and accepted but also create the feeling that there is so much more and things are not always what they seem.


Bluish are a Lisbon based dream-pop duo with a distinctive 80s synth sound. Dreamy guitars cast an enchanting spell over the audiences, the resulting sound could quite easily be heard in a David Lynch movie. They left behind them the grey and cold winter; spring came and, with it, two voices and two instruments: A keyboard, with an incisive sonority, marked by occasional rebellion; and a guitar that varies between restlessness and crystalline softness, resulting in melodies that surround us in an intimate nostalgia. Vera Vaz and João Farmhouse had their big debut May 6 2017 at St.


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