Albion are a five-piece band from North London. Formed in 2015, they are currently recording and playing London venues such as The Islington Assembly Hall, The Garage and Proud (Camden).

The Harringtons

Forming in 2014 at the age of 16, The Harringtons are a fresh faced, feel-good Rock n’ Roll trio from Sheffield, Jack, Brad and Jordan have a fresh outlook on music, taking influence from mod-culture and vintage styles, mixed with other guitar-based music from the 90s, The Harringtons classify their style as ’Neo-Vintage’ which brings classic indie guitar music into this century, while adding a new spin.


Callisto are a London based rock band, who have built up a solid setlist of original, riff-heavy, melodic tunes. The band met at Kingston University, but decided to start making music a while after graduating, and while they have a mutual love for bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, Royal Blood, and Led Zeppelin, the individual members of the band have eclectical musical tastes, which comes through in their songwriting.

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I'm Havelock, a 20 year old from Kent. I've been involved with music for as long as I can remember. Writing lyrics has always been my outlet - it's the way I best express my feelings. Artists such as Jeff Buckley, Amy Winehouse, Jamie T and The Kooks have played an important part in my music so far. Expect lilting, feel good tracks with jazz infused chords as well as attitude filled, indie rock and roll.

The Darts

The Darts are a London based Irish rock band formed in 2016.
They play high tempo, high energy, feel good music using catchy hooks and rock hard riffs, taking inspiration from half a century of Rock n' Roll.
They have played in some of the most iconic venues across the capital and continue to add to their credentials as one of the fastest rising new age rock bands.

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The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a multicultural rock 'n' roll band based in London. The band has started in February 2017, recorded and released an EP. Despite their name, the group consists of the artists from different parts of the world bringing different influences together. Their style is reminiscent of the 60's classic rock bands like the Beatles and their use of modern recording techniques has created an interesting combination of old and new sounds.

Royal Indians

Royal Indians is a band hailing from London but birthed in Venezuela. Their sound
is undeniably nostalgic yet distinct. Like in the old days, their music is centered
around the guitar. Their inspiration stems from the old-school songwriting process,
which is evident when you listen to their music because their songs allow you to
time travel back in time. Their music is unpretentious and although their main
inspiration stems from rock and roll- they successfully bridged the gap between


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