Miss Jones

Miss Jones is a vocalist, guitarist and harmonica player based in London and often performs solo, duo or trio depending on the occasion!

Since an early age, Miss Jones was influenced by rock n roll, blues, country and a slice of jazz and was recently endorsed by luxury Italian guitar company Lengardo Guitars and plays the Lengardo Venezia which suits her style perfectly!

Jon Crabb

At the age of 11, I heard Elvis Presley for the first time, he inspired me and I just loved his voice, energy and entertainment he gave to audiences. When I was 15 I got my first ever acoustic guitar and then after started playing in various sorts of groups.

Set In Stone

Set in Stone bring an original yet familiar sound back into modern day music - with great melodies and musicianship. Starting life in a bedroom, they worked their way to become known in their hometown. Possessing a frontman (Jamie Watts) with attitude, which is complimented perfectly by a calm lead guitarist (Leon Parkins). Charlie Shortell (Drums) holds up the back line, who connects perfectly with the relaxed bassist Will Stephens Aka Sid...

Kid Violet

"Perpetually angry looking and riled-up, the five-piece bring their energy and calculated presence to the room"
Formed in January 2019 and hailing from all over, but residing in London, Kid Violet are in suffocating jobs and dead set on making something of themselves. Hotly tipped by promoters "This Feeling" as one of their main "Big in 2020" acts with a string of dates and festivals set to be announced for this year and an upcoming EP in April.

Blue Kubricks

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A Funky Alt Rock n Roll band comprised of two brothers based in Leeds U.K. A melodic blend of Stone Roses and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Have a listen and come see the grand shows of the future lavished by the next big outfit.... Blue Kubricks

Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club are an up and coming Brighton based Hard rock band established Early 2016

A hard hitting three piece, these guys really are about the live shows, "We wanna inject some of what's been missing back into real Rock".

The Strange Days

The gutter-rock champions hailing from the bosom of Brexitland know as The Strange Days began life in January 2017, when Declan Robertson and Ash Sandys started to force out the melodies that were consuming their heads. Based in London, the band added the exceeding talents of Isabel Hollingum (bass) and Patrick O'Keefe (drums) last year and have been infuriating their Tooting neighbours from their North Korean jail-cell sized practice room ever since.


Spring.Fall.Sea is a high energy rock format which marries
melodic post-hardcore, explosive post-rock, heavy pop and electronic music. Based in London, it is a shape comprised of Marvin Menz (guitar), Dylan Percy (drums) and Alex Ekong (vocals).


Five piece melodic indie rock band from Sunderland. Named after the famous docks of the river wear, the band play Docksuns music like no other. Raspy vocals, catchy riffs and toe tapping choruses.

Calum Lintott

After releasing his official debut EP, ‘The Way It Is’, on the 4th November 2016, which features fan favourite and his debut single ' Pin-Up', Lintott has been hard at work. Non stop writing, creating and releasing bigger anthems, including ‘This World Is Not For Turning’, ‘The One That Got Away’ and ‘Wonderland’! He has also released the much anticipated emotional acoustic track ‘I Don’t Mind’, in early 2018 and his double single ‘Hometown & English Daisy at the tail end of 2018. Lintott has just released his new single My Dear! It hit peoples ears worldwide on the 26th April 2019.


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