Calum Lintott

After releasing his official debut EP, ‘The Way It Is’, on the 4th November 2016, which features fan favourite and his debut single ' Pin-Up', Lintott has been hard at work. Non stop writing, creating and releasing bigger anthems, including ‘This World Is Not For Turning’, ‘The One That Got Away’ and ‘Wonderland’! He has also released the much anticipated emotional acoustic track ‘I Don’t Mind’, in early 2018 and his double single ‘Hometown & English Daisy at the tail end of 2018. Lintott has just released his new single My Dear! It hit peoples ears worldwide on the 26th April 2019.

Sunset Highs

Sunset Highs are a fine London thing.

A band defined by magnetic melodies, roaring guitars and silky swagger.

Infusing a melting pot of new and old. They are defenders of a guitar era passed, yet devoted to an evolution of new sounds. A sound that bonds grainy rock n roll, with up-tempo vibes and a light shade of blue.

The band’s culture is built on musicianship that delivers on a promise of atmosphere. With lyrical content that takes inspiration from deliberations and daydreams, Sunset Highs are loaded with inviting verses and charismatic choruses.


Augenhaus are a creative performance unit that take their influences from modernist poetry, the traditions of French chanson and mutated Americana.

​The Augenhaus sound veers from the feel of an Angelo Badalamenti soundtrack to a collision of early 60’s bubblegum with Dick Dale in a dark surf gumbo. Some songs break out into the Euro Art Pop world of Scott Walker, Bjork and Lee Hazelwood in Hey Cowboy mode.


For fans of Led Zeppelin and Catfish and the Bottlemen, SLATER is the brand new hard hitting, indie rock n' roll band from London. With killer songs and energetic live shows, you’ll see for yourself why guitarist Harry Slater has been hailed a “guitar virtuoso” by Planet Rock Radio.

The Ragged Flags

The Ragged Flags are a London-based four piece with their own distinctive sound incorproating the essential natural juices of rock, pop and folk with the lovely chunky bits of country and blues.

James Goodwin (vocals, guitars), Mark Aldworth (lead guitar, backing vocals), Chris Edwards-Dewey (bass, banjo, backing vocals) and Paul Whibley (drums, percussion) met and bonded over their shared love of soaring three-part harmonies, rocking guitars, and hook-laden melodies. The Flags are setting feet tapping and heart-strings twanging at a venue near you.

Blue Eyed Giants

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Blue Eyed Giant’s music amalgamates a plethora of rock sub genres. Equipped with crushing breakdowns and rhythmic intricacies, whilst exploring vocal versatility through screams and gentle melody. Life affirming songs that shift from engulfing heaviness into contagious, melodic delicacy. The band’s fierce musicianship in all fields showcases that they are pioneering a new unique take on modern alternative rock music.

Rick Matz & his Band

Rick Matz is a singer and guitar player based in London. His musical style is rooted in blues, rock'n' roll and country music.
Performing iconic songs from the likes of Muddy Waters, Hank Williams and Elvis Presley as well as his own originals.

The Deniros

Describing themselves as a rock n roll band of mad lads and musical geniuses, The Deniros met after the two solo artists Ekkyl Jones and Sam Stone met by chance at a London open mic and decided to join forces and start a band. After playing the Borderline and Glastonbudget Music Festival a mere few months later, they decided to add an extra dimension to their music with the addition of killer drummer James Allbones.

Birdman Cult

While the town was sleeping Joseph B. Eden took to wandering the coast under the huge pale moon. A northern English beach rat whose roots would reach out to all things dank and subvert. Attracted to the glare of the unknown, he replants himself deep down south. Far from the post industrial wastelands, where he hears dreams are realised and streets are clad with gold. With no map home he finds himself lost in the city of Bristol on the muddy banks of the Avon, making a pittance peddling his crude poetry at local vaudeville shows for like minded misanthropes and undesirables.


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