New Nervous Kind

The New Nervous Kind are a Kent based indie rock band formed in 2016. Their range of different genres & styles of music have blended to create a to-the-point style of music that sounds as vintage as it does modern.

Taking inspiration from noughties garage rock, their repertoire of guitar based songs feature a range of memorable licks & melodies throughout, with mellow verses & driven choruses.

Previously compared to The Strokes and The Kinks, the band are set to release their first single this year.


LASHES are London's new purveyors of rootsy rock n' roll. Influenced by rock n’ roll icons The Faces, Bob Dylan and The Band,
LASHES bring new energy to the genre with their distinctive personalities and youthful energy. Named on a night out on ‘the lash’,
these four London lads personify the meaning of the name, turning every show into a party.


BLOODHOUNDS are a hard-hitting rock band from the South of England. After releasing their self-titled EP in April 2018, they have been playing the UK relentlessly, giving themselves a solid reputation for providing a fun, fast and ferocious live show - which in turn has let them share a stage with bands such as Hacktivist, Allusinlove, St. Agnes, All Ears Avow and many more.

Elephant Radio

We are a five piece rock 'n' roll band from Eastbourne who have been making music for just over a year now. We were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to perform our first gig at The Roundhouse in London, to an intimate audience and have not looked back since.


AutoPilot, an Indie-Pop-Rock trio (including Andy Hopkins, formerly The Enemy) spent 2018 perfecting their live shows. They blend huge synth hooks seamlessly with distorted guitars, and combine them with anthemic vocals to create instantly contagious choruses guaranteed to have the audience singing along after the first listen. With a sound designed to fill stadiums, and a live performance packed with energy AutoPilot are rapidly building a name for themselves both locally and across the UK.

Max Bianco & The BlueHearts

The band is Max Bianco & The BlueHearts.

Max Bianco has previously toured and played extensively with the band The Jar Family and is now pursuing as a solo artist and with his new band The Bluehearts.

With his new band, they have just recorded their debut EP with Kimberley Rew (writer of Walking On Sunshine and founding member of Katrina & The Waves).

Having recently returned from his 10 weeks European tour he is now looking for UK bookings.

Port Royal

Since their debut EP in 2016, recent releases have launched a whirlwind of independent national touring accompanied by larger-scale lineups and festivals across the country. Since their inception, the band have performed in support of international acts such as Dead Kennedys (US), Supersuckers (US) and Aussie highlights such as Wolfmother, The Delta Riggs & The Jungle Giants. Having since recently successfully completed their own independent headline tour of the country, the band are beginning to develop a loyal, passionate and diverse fanbase across the country.


Bridging the divide between Soul, Funk, Garage, Punk and Rock & Roll may seem like a tall order on paper – but as audiences across Europe attest, MAIORANO do it with gusto.

With their sound so difficult to define, and a name initially tricky to pronounce (it’s “My-Oh-Ra-No“, in case you were wondering), it’s a welcome relief that the music is so easy to love. This is especially true of their live performance, as charismatic frontman Alex commands the stage with a missionary zeal whilst the band delivers tight rhythms, soulful grooves and soaring brass backing.

Jimmy B and The Death Rattles

Jimmy B and the Death Rattles were formed late 2017. Over the last year we have dedicated most of our time to the studio recording our debut album 'Porno Taught Me How To Love'.
We are an eclectic blend of art rock/ glam and punk. Drawing from influences from the likes of David Bowie, The Buzzcocks, Alice Cooper and Nick Cave.

Pretty Cartel

Pretty Cartel are a 5 piece Indie/Rock n Roll/Mod from the City of Belfast. Formed in 2012 the bands first single "The Busker" became an instant hit on local radio , and went on to be the soundtrack for the BackinBelfast campaign on TV/Radio and online. The band Released Tales of the working class - Their Debut EP In 2013 with stand out tracks receiving critical acclaim from Belfast and the mainland.


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