As a multilingual nomadic Soulster, whose conceptual lyrics focus on distilling the human condition; singer-songwriter/guitarist, Shak, has found inspiration through the enriching experience of traveling extensively and living in multiple countries and continents.

Craig Maddox

Singer/songwriter and pianist from Hertfordshire, UK. Craig Maddox writes music straight from the heart, channeling emotions and memory into atmospheric, raw and honest songwriting. A celtic thread runs throughout his songs, as do his many musical influences, from Tracy Chapman and Tori Amos, to Ben Howard and Florence + the Machine. Cambridge-based singer-songwriter Gavin Chappell-Bates commented, “Occasionally, very occasionally, I see something really special, like I did last night... Craig Maddox had everyone hanging on his every word and every piano note.

Brad Heidi

From the green valleys of western Northern Ireland, this exceptional 21 year old, singer-songwriter has been fast on his feet, demonstrating an unstoppable determination over the past few years, after quitting school and travelling Ireland with just an acoustic guitar, a suitcase and heart full of Irish gold.

D'vyne Comfort

South London born and raised, singer/ songwriter D'vyne Comfort is a multi-faceted artist, whose work breaks the mold of any one genre or style. Her RnB soul sound blends with elements of pop and Reggae.

Previously a member of original reggae band, Dojo, performing at London Intl. Ska Festival @Jazz Café, Victorious festival, Secret Garden Party, Green Man and the 02 (Leeds) supporting reggae acts such as Groundation and The Wailers, to name but a few. With her creative spirit and dedication to craft, D’vyne’s light is set to shine.


Born and raised in the north of London, ChloeJet singer/songwriter has finally found the new chapter of her dynamic voice. Jet grew up with the sounds of Christina Aguilera, Paul Anka, and Ariana Grande. She used these artists to develop the voice of hers today. When finding her right style it took 2 years until now for her to understand what she wanted within her music. Mainstream pop? RnB? Jazz? Tough choice! But with the mature style she has formed, it would go along the lines of catchy, impressive and unusual pop.

Ollie Trevers

Classic rock meets singer songwriter, Orpheus reborn and reformed, with no one musician quite similar enough to. Ollie Trevers has been preforming longer than hes been shaving, and now with his band, in a solo project, he is exploring the depths of his own individual sound.

With influences like Queen, Jeff Buckley, The Clash, Ella Fitzgerald and Edith Piaf the new sound Ollie is making will take your breath away, with there EP being played at every gig coming up to the imminent release date.


Ralpha is an indie singer-songwriter mainly influenced by artists such as The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, Avril Lavigne and other pop rock punk artists from the early 2000s. She has recently released her first single, Personal. Currently, she's producing her first EP.


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