Luke White

Northamptonshire born and raised, Luke White is taking his thoughts, pen and paper and jumping on a new adventure. Luke has always been into performance and this transcribes from his days studying drama. Since then Luke has appeared in Musicals in Northampton such as; Grease, Wizard of Oz and West Side Story all of which he attained a principal role.
Luke would describe his influences as 00s pop with a modern/gritty edge. All tracks are written by himself and contain a lot of heart, backstory and attainable themes whilst still aiming for an infectious tune.

Anna Wolf

Anna Wolf creates alternative pop for the music snob forcefully performed to stamp her into audiences’ memory. She is a sexy, dark and vulnerable artist that will hypnotize you on a journey of self-discovery that may leave you with the feeling of being heard. Although she has had many names, she has done numerous albums and performed in front of thousands of fans across the world, she has only recently skinned her past by facing it in her debut album Believer as Anna Wolf.

Liberty Grant

Liberty is a 16 year old singer from West London with stunning soulful vocals and a musical maturity beyond her years. Influences include, Amy Winehouse, Demi Lovato and Billie Eilish. She is an extremely hard working young artist, gigging all over the country at festivals and venues including The NEC, Kempton Park and Lords Cricket Ground. Her fanbase is also quickly growing online.


JAUWSHEWUH is a seventeen-year-old classical pianist and poet who is well-known for his virtuoso technique and his songwriting skills.
He enjoys improvisation, composing his own music, and sharing his musical gifts with his audiences.
He has performed and sang in school choirs, piano recitals, musicals, and open-mic events.
He is excited to branch out and create more opportunities for himself as an artist and a performer, and he is currently writing his first album.

Niamh McSmith

Niamh McSmith is a 20 year old Kent based singer-songwriter, recently moved to London. Taking inspiration from artists such as Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and Ed Sheeran, Niamh’s music speaks of her real life experiences and of the people around her. Niamh started performing at a very young age, picking up the guitar at eleven and writing her first song as soon as she could play basic chords!


JUDVH is a bright young talent with a "voice beyond his years". - BBC Introducing Cambridge Raised by parents with strong, differing musical influences, JUDVH grew up with a deep appreciation for a wide variety of music from pop to classical and started performing from the age of 5. Now 20, JUDVH tells stories of love, loneliness and power through music, blending genres to create a powerful soundscape and a captivating live performance.


Thuy's music, ethereal, otherworldly, ambient folk house. Programmed written and produced by her

Vietnamese born UK raised, writing and playing original music. Plays live bamboo flute, flute, keys and guitar, imagine Jethro Tull crossed with Goldfrapp.

Hannah Lamb

A northern singer/songwriter who sings about personal love, loss and life.
Hannah has 6 years of experience gigging on the northern festival circuit including appearances at Corbridge Festival, The Mighty Dubfest, Richmond Live, The Hawes Midsummer Bash and The Cluny. She has worked with charities such as Dyslexia North East and Hospice Care Northumberland, performing at events to raise money.

Lucky Dreadful

(born May 13, 1995), known as Lucky Dreadful, is a London based rapper from Falkenberg, Sweden. In March 2018, he released his free debut album Da Bomb with songs like 1995 and Cake. With only a few music videos on youtube, his most popular one today is Moves with over 50k views. He released a few singles over the summer like Nothing To Lose and Wrong but no new music has been announced even though he's been posting videos off unreleased songs on his social media.


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