Lucy Cheung

Lucy Cheung, London-based musician and journalist. Born and raised in Guangzhou (Canton), China, Lucy studied classical guitar at age of 4 and won a number of guitar contests awards before her teenage years. Lucy started to write songs on classical guitar since 15 years. She released her debut album “Slumber Flight” on Modernsky Records in late 2016. Second album “A Maudlin Geometry “ was released in November 2018, incorporated elements of electronica and jazz in her folk-rooted songs. Both albums were featured on the front page of Apple Music China.

Sam Key

Sam Key is an up and coming singer-songwriter originally from Lancashire living in London. Sam writes, performs and records all of his own material in a pop/rock style with an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal. Sam's latest EP 'Until we're back again' is out now and available on all other major music platforms.

Harry Middleton

Solo acoustic artist new to the scene with a rasp husky voice performing a variety of genres. Currently working along side New York Cities 'Bentley Records' to create new music whilst introducing his voice to the UK gig scene. Has recently performed well and been a finalist in one of the UK's biggest singing competition.

Billy Boguard

Billy is a French singer-songwriter, who writes, plays and sings from the heart adding to it a blend of imagination and psyche that culminate to betray his own feelings to find the simple truth of storytelling.Billy first picked up a guitar at the age of fifteen, and was singing even before that. He discovered his first urge to write songs (not coincidentally) when he met, and needed to impress his first girlfriend. From there, his creativity gathered momentum finding its place in heavy metal (for four years) and pop-punk (for two).

Natalie Bouloudis & The Flamekeepers

‘A powerful, folk-inspired offering’ Gigslutz
‘A true vocal talent and one to mark down on your ‘must check out’ Listen With Monger
‘The smoky atmosphere that was conjured – as well as her intoxicating vocal
– simply blew us away’ Born Music
‘Dreamy sound and folky arrangement’ Turtle Tempo
‘The folk textures are matched to biting guitars, a disparate fusion of sounds that reflects
the tumultuous lyrics.’ Clash
‘Vintage noir that hums with life, purpose and poetry, it materializes from swirling, charcoal-colored

Leah Tess

I’m a 22 year old singer songwriter from London, currently studying a Masters in Songwriting at ICMP (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance). I played many gigs / festivals in Exeter as well as London and always say yes to the opportunity to perform. I would describe my music as a mixture between folk and pop. My main influences when I write are usually people and difficult experiences that I've overcome. My musical influences are Fleetwood Mac, The Tallest Man on Earth, Lissie and London Grammar. I am just finishing recording and producing my EP, which will be released very soon!

Ronni Mardor

Ronni Mardor is an American-Israeli theatrical folk Singer-Songwriter and a Composer based in London. Following two years in the Israeli Defence Forces, a solo-backpacking journey to India and Japan gave her a whole new approach to life in general and music in particular. Paper Dress Vintage, Alleycat, Nambuka and O2 Academy Islington are a few of London's top venues Ronni performed in and she’s looking forward to keep exploring the live scene in the UK!

Joseph Doran

Joseph Doran is a loop station artist with influences from Ed Sheeran, Nirvana and traditional Irish music. What sets Joseph apart from the average singer/songwriter with a guitar is his ability to recreate a band sound as just one man, using the music technology equivalent of a pedal-board supercomputer at his feet. Bringing together a loop pedal, a vocal harmoniser and a chain of effects pedals into one large soundscape, is a talent that creates goosebumps according to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Ell IV

Ell IV is a new pop artist from a small town in the north of England called Grimsby. Being called a dreamer all her life, Ell IV puts this across in her music with lyrics that show a yearning for more. Catchy choruses, dreamy melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Ell IV’s music is crafted with her heart and soul. 


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