Tischa Kent

I am a French singer-songwriter based in Canterbury UK. I was born in Nice South of France and moved to the UK to study then work in 2009 where I discovered my calling for music. I started writing songs as a way to express my feelings about the world and promote peace, love and self-expression. My music is Pop-soul, Pop-Rock but I have also been a lot influenced by Native American music. My aim is to convey a message through my music about treating each other with love and respect and denouncing causes such as homelessness.

It Comes in Waves

It Comes in Waves is a unique mix of genres that no one can really pinpoint. Although only paired with raspy raw vocals and atmospheric guitar, it captivates audiences with the authentic lyrics and emotional deliverance.

BBC introducing Cambridgeshire "an amazing songwriting ability."

It Comes in Wave’s dark melancholic lyrics are combined with ominous raw vocals and acoustic guitar.

Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is an Indie-Pop Singer/Songwriter from Bournemouth, South-Coast UK. His songs are emotional and engaging, telling stories from love to loss, against catchy,sing-alongable music. Supported by his talented live band, his songs are brought to life, with relatable lyrics and a mix original songs, making you reflect, dance, sing-along and have a great time. With his highly anticipated debut single "Boyfriend" being released on 22nd February, there are exciting times ahead for this artist.

"He's so good!" - Chris Evans (Former BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, now Virgin Radio)

Dom Patrick

Indie-folk singer songwriter based in York. A drummer by trade, he recently began pursuing a solo career. Described as having a 'hauntingly beautiful voice', Dom Patrick is a 'skilled guitarist matching his music to his voice perfectly to produce original pieces that could be listened to all day' (NOUSE). His songwriting incorporates elements of artists such as Frank Turner, David Gray and Paul Simon. He has recently released a debut Live Acoustic EP, 'Brother' which can be found on most music stores.

James Mackenzie

Hailing from Inverness in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, James moved to Nürnberg in 2017 after embarking on a successful solo tour of Germany the same year. Now performing regularly up and down the country he has played more than 100 shows with lots more to come.
James played his first show in Inverness, Scotland in 2011 and began working on his craft to engage with the audience so he could tell stories of his heartaches and failures with some witty comments in between.


ENY (an acronym for /Everyone Needs Yahweh/) is a Polish singer-songwriter (born 6 August 1995) based in UK. She released her first EP in July 2018.

Catching Cairo

Catching Cairo descends from North London, introspective, diverse and an interestingly calming influence on her craft and self described DreameR&B collection that she describes as “a subgenre that encapsulates elements of a stylistic, lyrical, contextual approach to music, to create my unique sound through using elements of R&B, Soul, bass and reggae”.

Holly Rose Webber

Born in Harrogate, North Yorkshire in 1987, I fell under the influence of bands such as Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, The Small Faces and the Rolling Stones from a very early age. I’m the only girl out of six brothers and was raised and educated on rock and roll, soul, country, blues and everything in between. I spent my adolescence dabbling in my own song writing and producing a couple of EPs.

Mark Wright

A chance encounter in Berlin, with members of Spandau Ballet, led to the recording of 8 self-penned tunes. Recorded with, and produced by Toby Chapman (Spandau Ballet keyboards since 1985 and Tom Jones musical director), the album features some outstanding session guys, including Kevin Miller (Ex Style Council), James Nesbitt, who also produced To Be Found (Rod Stewart band, Belinda Carlisle band, Lily Allan & Kylie Minogue)


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