Bang Bang Romeo

Fronted by vocal powerhouse Anastasia Walker and featuring Ross Cameron (guitars) and Richard Gartland (drums), Bang Bang Romeo are a propelling force for female-fronted bands in a male dominated industry, and a strong and open voice for the LGBT community. Anastasia’s “once in 20 years voice” is unrivalled and the group’s larger-than-life performances are sending audiences wild up and down the country, leaving them with jaws dropped and often reduced to tears.

Timothy Hoad

Blending together ambient vocal harmonies, warm synths and bright guitar chords, Timothy finds home in a genre he labels ‘new-age folk’. Drawing upon his main influence, Enya, along with great singer-songwriters Billy Joel and Chris Cornell, Timothy’s unique music is designed to illuminate the listener’s imagination.

Baker Street Boys

From pub gigs to massive moods to big tunes to post-show routs, the brief but punchy rise of this London cover band has been quite the spectacle in 2018. Come join as the Baker Street Boys take the stage for their first planned show in the new year: new songs, old favorites, same brash attitude.

Natali Felicia

Born 1994 in Sweden, dark-pop singer-songwritress Natali Felicia came to attention when she first independently released her song ’Used To Be’ in 2015, which received major international attention after circulating in the blog music world. Since then she’s released a handfull of acclaimed singles exploring personal and and political turmoil.

Matty G & Lil' Winter

“Norfolk’s answer to Scroobius Pip” “Somewhere bizarrely between Beans On Toast and Chas And Dave!” Matty G & Li’l Winter are a unique duo from Norfolk who write and perform music/songs/poetry/spoken word pieces with a comedy edge but whilst also not being afraid to tackle serious issues such as news stories, current affairs, animal & human rights and politics.

Samantha Togni

Samantha Togni is an established international DJ and producer. East London based but originally from Italy she has set the music and fashion world alight with her DJ skills.
Samantha’s DJ’ing influences come from Trap, Bass, Future Bass, Future and Bass House and R&B.


Bubbles is a producer, singer and songwriter originally from Sydney but currently residing in London. Her music is often described as hyperpop, otherworldly and sacchrine. She blends an array of influences such as J-Pop, video game music, PC Music and electronic dance music to make frantic and fun, over-the-top music.


Mikko has appeared in several UK / US films, television series and music videos by Madonna, Steven Spielberg, Bob Geldof and “Little Britain” to name a few. He has been celebrated as an influential figure of the London nightlife (Nag Nag Nag and Boombox for example) and generally the underground performance art scene. Life-threatening incident in 2007 changed his path into making music.

Keyla Mix

Keyla Mix is a talented Viennese artist based in London.
She started playing piano at the age of 7 and has ever since used this instrument to compose songs. The music she writes isn’t just ordinary Pop but includes various elements of other genres like Drum and Bass, Latin and Electronic Music, which makes her music unique and interesting. Her catchy melodies and lyrics stick with you even hours after hearing them. Keyla Mix’s lyrics have emotional depth and include stories of both her and others.


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