Ben Pinkus

Ben Pinkus is an acoustic singer songwriter and electric guitar player from Hertfordshire, who plays anything from acoustic to heavy metal and everything in between.

The Sons of MOD

Raw, Hard, Dirty Awethentik Original 60s style Maximum RnB.......MODern Sykodelia! NO DISTORTION! Amps and drums.....and ALL of the right notes, in ALL of the ryte orders...Influences include Small Faces, Hendrix, Beatles, Pretty Things, British Syke, The Who, John Lee Hooker, James Brown etc., etc., "And MOD so loved the world, that He gave them His only Sons" John 3:16ish

Scott Swain & The Sinners

Scott has been performing as a solo artist since August 2016, where he first appeared at Standon Calling festival. Although he has been likened to Nick Cave on many occasions, and even The National, his main source of influence is cinema.Each of his songs are written about particular films which have left their mark on him. In June 2017 The Sinners were recruited to bring a bigger, more dynamic live experience to the shows. These reprobates come from bands' Scott has shared a stage with, or has been in a band with.

Gramma Vedetta

Gramma Vedetta formed in 2016 from the Daniele McCoy’s idea to create a new band with a grunge and stoner attitude.
With his friend Marco Basetta, bass player and music producer, he started composing songs over a few beers on a regular basis.
Drum programming was cool at the beginning but they felt the urgency to make some real noise with loud amps and a real drummer, so they posted and advert online.
Valadis replied and during his audition, he instantly got the gig when he said “Please set the guitar and the f… bass louder”.

The Medlars

The Medlars are a seven piece contemporary folk band based in London. Their music is raw

and rhythmically driven with orchestral and psychedelic undertones, layering melodies and

harmonies to illuminate their political and socially conscious messages.

They formed after meeting at university in 2016 through Jimmy Grayburn, who at the time

was performing as a solo artist. His lyrics tackle issues around environmentalism,

homelessness and austerity cuts and are accompanied by the Medlars’ unique and frank


“Hindü” – brainchild of the producer-songwriter Tania Yankovska – is a new experimental project where a dreamy, pure, crystalline voice sings melancholy lyrics on modern & minimal electronic music arrangements. Think of artists like Purity Ring, Grimes, MO, Chvrches and Zola Jesus, take a piece of everything and mix all together.


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