Okinawa Americana

Internationally recognized recording artists and musicians, David Ralston and Merry have created their own brand of music, self-described as "Okinawa Americana Music.” Integrating influences from Japan to Brazil to America’s heartland, World Music to Blues, Country, Folk, and Roots Rock, they successfully illustrate that “The world of music is not just changing, it has changed.”
David Ralston


Influenced by a range of artists including David Bowie, Madonna, Roisin Murphy and Grimes - Alfreda’s genre bending sound and confessional, storytelling songwriting is partly rooted in her New York City childhood upbringing. She later moved to Sussex, UK prompting the indie artist to experiment with music software and recording her own songs. Finally moving to London aged sixteen to pursue music full-time, Alfreda dedicated this time to building her live shows throughout the city.  Not long after, Alfreda was introduced to the Berlin music scene by long-time collaborator Craig Walker.

Anna Wolf

ANNA WOLF – the leftfield singer, performer and songwriter has just been recognised by one of the most coveted global awards given to unsigned artistes, 

Unsigned Only’s judging panel is an illustrious collection of global judges and this year includes the likes of Robert Smith (The Cure) and Aimee Mann they collectively described ANNA WOLF as “truly a compelling and rare artist. She is a performer with passion and style, a singer with hauntingly beautiful vocals, and a songwriter with depth and vulnerability.”

Rival Karma

Imagine the End of the World...and Man kind has settled into a post-apocalyptic haze of survival. Music is an important escape to this organised chaos. A secret but familiar rumble roars in the basements of this eerie world : riffs and licks to make you uneasy in a dark alleyway, drumbeats to make your heart jump at the notion of their arrival. Much like the secretive Ninjas of old (and present ?) a form of mystery surrounds this band. What do they do ? Why do they do it ? What is this Rock ?


Born and bred in London, after spending some time in Ireland finding his voice and getting his feet wet performing, Charlie is back home with his debut EP 'Sugar'


Coralcrown is a Disco Synthpop project based in London created by Luis Gotor.
Its roots were born in 2016 as a bedroom personal project after writing many songs and exploring with different sounds. By early 2017 he started to record different songs shaping the sound of the project, influenced by modern indie pop mixed with Disco music from the 70s and Synthpop music from the 80s. "Birth”, his debut EP is out now.

Trapfield Tribe

Introduce yourself to one the most exciting acts to emerge onto the UK Rap scene since Stormzy. Mix together the bass from trap music, the hype from grime and the dance vibe from house music and you get Trapfield Tribe.

"It’s an effortless flow and great team work as the vocal duties on that track are shared out equally between all three members. Great Tracks!" - Tom Robinson, BBC Radio.


FRANKY'S EVIL PARTY are a radical underground D.I.Y. collective who offer no half measures in hedonistic unhinged dark creative expression. Formed out of an unwavering drive to craft a seething uninhibited barrage of intense noise in what the band view to be an otherwise exhausted guitar landscape. This quintet extends its invite to all. They are extremist of ecstasy, spreading their propaganda to vindicate the hedonist in each and everyone.


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