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Saloni is an 18-year-old singer and songwriter based in Milton Keynes in the central area of the UK. She has been singing Indian Classical Music since the age of 4 and developed an interest in Western Pop and Bollywood.


R&B artist Pritt emerges from a diverse background which have influenced her style immensely, allowing herself to be as expressive as possible to take a pivotal stance in her art. South London raised songstress' uses her femininity to empower stereotypes of women in urban music and takes an ‘Eastern meets Western’ stand on her music; an un-orthodox approach on honest relatable lyrics couples with Carnatic melisma. Pritt uses the underlying weight of trap to advocate an alternative juxtaposition within the genre.


Aldo Couceiro is an Argentinian born and raised musician, based in London. Around August 2017, after working for a year and a half as a session guitar player for some bands of the London scene, he decided to start his own project called NÓMADE. It's an instrumental trio (guitar, bass and drums) that plays a fusion of Funk, Afrobeat, Reggae/Dub and Latin. The main concept of the band is built up around improvisation and the generation of a dancing mood. He was joined in this adventure by Matteo Grassi (Italy) on Bass and Yoann Julliard (France) on Drums.

The Five Tribes

Emmanuel and Aurélie are making music that merges electronic dance rhythms and shamanic vibes, along with new technologies. With their dreamy set-up, their goal is to to transport their audience in a world filled with crazy beats and good vibes.

After seven years of hard work, The Five Tribes is now touring in London with a project called The Five Tribes Experience, that unveils through music, story-telling and interactive games the tale of our world, a thousand year from today.

Arthur Navarro

'Polyphonic Omnipresence' is Arthur Navarro's first world music solo album venture that which Native Brazilian Chants, Europe's Classical Music and Indian Mystical Instruments. It was entirely mixed by Navarro's himself at the Abbey Road Institute London and released by British label Suriya Records and distributed by Proper Music Group and American label Six Degrees Records. The album launch happened at Suriya #3 event which took place on the 29th of October 2018 at the Bush Hall, London, UK.

Imar Shephard

With a voice that has been described as smooth, soulful and enchanting, Imar Shephard's dulcet tones perfectly illustrate the essence of Rhythm & Blues, Roots Reggae and Lover's Rock. His unique sound is not only heard regularly on local Jamaican radio stations but has equally won the hearts of audiences overseas.
The young charismatic singer songwriter was born and raised in the sleepy hollow of Richmond Gap, Cedar Valley nestled neatly in the heart of the famous Blue Mountains that surround the parish locally known as Saint Thomas in the East.


Fiesta. Celebration. Revelry even. Add an eclectic mix of percussion, native and traditional wind and string instruments and a kick ass drum beat. Throw in a collective of talented multi genre musicians and ardent travellers in a constant search to entertain and connect with audiences. Get transposed to the mesmerizing landscapes that are Goa, Kingston, Rio or Kashmir; just take your pick and go with the flow. Welcome to the enthralling and kaleidoscopic world of Tribali.


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