Brawly Waye

A singer, a songwriter, a musician, a producer, a dancer...

Brawly Waye is the complete star package, as a solo or in a band he entertains any type of audience.

Born in 1988, in Angola, he began his professional career in Luanda where he played in numerous venues: bars, clubs, shows, festivals. He also produced for radios, tv channels, renowned artists and toured in Israel and Portugal, being the youngest Angolan artist to perform at the Hard Rock Cafe where Jimi Hendrix once shared his experiences.

Laura Budzelek

Laura Budzelek is an international performing artist. The multilingual singer-songwriter’s style is a unique blend of baroque pop and world music genres. Much of Laura’s inspiration stems from her travels abroad, classic rock and her background in classical music. Her alluring debut album, Treasure the World Now, takes listeners on a journey through melodies and lyrics reminiscent of French cafés, Caribbean festivities, grand Viennese ballrooms, Celtic folk and New Orleans brass bands.


“Brilliant and beautiful” (Kiran Gandhi, M.I.A.)

Gazel's music is a mystic blend of electronic pop with ancient and philosophical influences, a unique sound that gained nominations in the 15th Independent Music Awards with her debut EP, ‘Bone Key’ (Best Pop EP, Best Electronic Song).

Roger 9000

Roger 9000 is an experience of songs, life cycles, and stories.
Based in the classical form, it is a fusion of ancient and modern textures, producing
a sonically experimental sound.

Vula Viel

Vula Viel means Good is Good in Dagaare, the language of the tribe in Upper West Ghana where Bex Burch lived, farmed and studied for three years. Now it's the name of her trio featuring the best of London’s young music talent: Ruth Goller (bass) and Jim Hart (drums). Their intensely rhythmic music is an engaging mix of African, punk and minimalist influences. Based around the Gyil (the Dagaare xylophone made of sacred lliga wood) Vula Viel create something new and vital.

Notes from Underground

Notes from Underground is a musical collaboration between violinist Yoon-ji Kim and percussionist Julian Humphries. They perform original material fusing contemporary classical with borderline jazz and new world over hip-hop breaks and Afro-Brazilian rhythms.

King Yash

please completestarted in music school at age 9 to make long story short in 2005 i got the spiritual calling awakening to make music 2007 until now have been show casing My Gift To Others

Têtes de Pois

Têtes de Pois are a high energy, seven piece instrumental band based in Leeds, performing original music influenced by jazz, hip-hop, afro-beat and more. This lively bunch came together in 2016, and during their time as a band have headlined renowned venues across the country, such as 'The Hootananny' and 'The 100 Club'. They have also performed at music festivals such as Love Supreme Festival and Manchester Jazz Festival. Watch out for Têtes de Pois in 2018!

Sarka Elias

Šárka Elias is a singer/songwriter and the leader of a tribal singing group based in London.
A classically trained vocalist from the Czech Republic with significant experience of musical styles from around the globe– her passion for Ethnic music led her to Brazil and India where she studied and performed with renowned musicians.
Her musical output is constantly evolving as she takes inspiration from the various cultures she voraciously explores, blending different styles to bring a unique and uplifting energy to her performances.

Modou Toure

Heir of the legendary group Touré Kunda, the first African group to achieve worldwide fame in the 1980s, Modou Touré was born into music. His voice strikingly echoes that of his father, Ousmane Touré, who was the inspiration for his choice of career. Passionate about music from a tender age, he was to be found regularly singing up a storm and playing the drums under his neighbours’ windows in the modest district of HLM4 in Dakar, where he spent his childhood. At 14, he took his first steps as a musician, playing percussion and singing backing vocals in local groups.


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