Dom Clark

Songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist Dom Clark has been writing and playing music since 7 years old. Once described by Melody Maker as "like Portishead played by proper jazz musicians" Dom's songs incorporate a myriad of musical styles from folk to jazz all wrapped up in 3-4 minute old school pop sensibilities. His most recent album "The Amateur - For The Love Alone" has been featured on BBC Radio in both England and Northern Ireland. Previous band The BDI's enjoyed a 10 years career releasing several albums in Japan, a host of UK singles and were championed by the like of Robert Elms, Craig Charles and legendary "Blues & Soul" journalist David Godin. Dom has now joined forces with bass player Conor Cotterill (also of The Nerve Collection) who brings his dynamic Blues and Rock bass lines to create a sound that it truly eclectic and entrancing.

Twitter: @domclarkmusic