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A Spanish-born and Colombian-raised singer-songwriter and producer has travelled the Atlantic and across the borders looking for music adventures.
From a classical background in Colombia, she played the violin in a Philharmonic orchestra at school.
Her parents moved to Madrid when she was 9 and that is when she wrote her first song.
“The music is travelling, evolving and growing with me“ she explains.

After High School, she left the books on hold while exploring London life and its trends in music, fashion and arts for a year.
Back to her home-town, she enrolled in Psychology studies at University. “I had time to think about my life and about my constant interest for human behaviour and the social sciences“.
She wrote a second song when she was studying for exams.
“During my teenage years, I met the electronic music scene in my lovely Spanish capital Madrid and also Ibiza when I was a psychology student. The truth is that party brought me here and music made me stay“ She giggles.
On her third year of studies, she joined an electronic music project in a small town in Belgium, promoting new artists and Djs also organising campus parties.

Back in Madrid, she bought a guitar with the payment from her first office job. “I started writing folk songs by then. I fell in love with a Finish boy at uni and I started writing songs in English because it was the way I expressed the feelings I never told him”.
When she graduated she worked as a recruiter at a French insurance company where she saved money and moved to London.
“I arrived with nothing other than some savings, a couple of bags and three songs. I stayed at a friend’s house and I remember she thought I was completely out of my mind until she went to my first gig at a vintage store in East London. “It was so exciting”
She started performing her songs at the open mic circuit then while working and writing at West London pubs.
“I wrote songs behind the bar, in the trains, at art galleries, in creepy pubs in Camden Town, in the streets, in the parks… and I’m now doing my bet for the luck and the sun, hunting the fun…” She laughs

She is currently working on her first EP in Madrid, that will see the light at the end of the year. “It will be incredibly weird… but in a good way, you know?“ she says excited. “It has been a long journey and it is still, I enjoy making music and that’s what is all about” she adds.

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Tiziana Buscemi, Music Journalist

Here is a video of <> track

Last preview of rehearsal for live performance in link below:

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So yesterday I started the rehearsals for antibiotica live act! I'm so excited I would be able to perform this soon 🖤💥 #live #music #electronica #antibiotica #allieefields

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