Angelo V


Born and raised in London town, deep in the hustle and bustle of city life, Angelo V emerged as a Singer/songwriter/guitarist whose music is an eclectic mix of reggae hooks, rocky grooves and soulful melodies. Angelo started playing the violin at 9 years old before substituting his bow for his guitar at age 15.

With a love of the piano his own raw sound began to emerge. After a decade down south in Devon, his music evolved into what it is today, with that touch of hippy soul. His songs further explore the complexities of relationships, the beauty life and love, honest self-reflection and changes we all experience at any given time in our lives as well as that never-ending feeling of attraction. Having grown up in a trilingual household with an Italian Filipino family he has gained perspective on the world and its cultures which is expressed through his music.

Growing up in the hustle and bustle of London, Angelo V was surrounded by many successful musicians on the music scene and open mic circuit inspiring him to take up piano, violin and later the guitar. The likes of Bob Marley, John Mayer, Fat Freddys Drop and Bruno Mars are a few who influence the sound that we hear today

Since 2018 Angelo has release 2 singles with the trio and an acoustic EP all available on Spotify. He is due to release his next single ‘Lover’s SOS’ on the 26th August