Arthur Navarro


‘Polyphonic Omnipresence’ is Arthur Navarro’s first world music solo album venture that which Native Brazilian Chants, Europe’s Classical Music and Indian Mystical Instruments. It was entirely mixed by Navarro’s himself at the Abbey Road Institute London and released by British label Suriya Records and distributed by Proper Music Group and American label Six Degrees Records. The album launch happened at Suriya #3 event which took place on the 29th of October 2018 at the Bush Hall, London, UK.

Since than, Arthur Navarro recorded two more songs invited by Abbey Road Institute, this time using more conventional instruments such as acoustic guitar, hofner bass, vocals, piano, saxophone and lots of percussions, making his new sounds with a mix of mystical eastern desert vibes meeting with his home country Brazilian 60’s psychedelic acoustic moods.

Arthur Navarro is a Brazilian and Spanish Citizen, 32 years old, Composer, Music Producer and Sound Engineer graduated at Abbey Road Institute London, where he developed many musical projects in 2018, including the production, recording of overdubs, new songs, and the mixing for his solo album ‘Polyphonic Omnipresence’ [Suriya Recordings]; Ustad Kiranpal Singh and Dheeraj Sahai-Mishra Indian Classical Music duo album ’100 Strings – Indian Ragas Full Circle, Vol. 1’ [Suriya Recordings]; and the production and recordings for Brazilian artist Santiago Emanuel’s album ‘Corpos Celestes’ (in english, Celestial Bodies).