Begut is a nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter whose sound carries multiple influences; soulful vocals, jazzy arrangements and some hints of the folk music she grew up with. Coming from Zaragoza, located in the North of Spain she always felt a link to music. She wrote her first song when she was twelve, and in 2015 she started to do concerts around her hometown, Zaragoza, which made her gain some local recognition. Since then, the artist has moved to London and continues to pursue her songwriting career: in June 2018 she won the Vinyl Scratch (open mic) competition at Tileyard, London and received mentoring sessions from the head of Big Indie Records. She also got featured on The Lumineers´ Instagram singing her reharmonized version of their song Dead Sea. Her debut single Bittersweet will be released early 2019 and will be followed by her debut EP, that combine the artist´s experiences in the past couple of years and merges her powerful vocals with mellow arrangements.