Beth George


A classical pianist, combined with vibrant electronic production, expressing raw metaphors of an adolescent diary is what makes the music of London based artist Beth George so unique and captivating. After a uni project brought together two opposite music genres, an organic foundation was layered with quirky and contemporary twists to create her sound, resulting in experimental piano riffs and beats accompanied by the soulful pop vocals and infectious hooks. Her writing encapsulates the essence of her life, struggles and successes but with an unexpected artistic approach that takes the listener on the journey with her music.

Beth’s upcoming single ‘Pockets’ reflects just this and is to be released at the end of August. It presents a fresh direction for a pop-bop and will be sure the catch people’s attention. It will be shortly followed a three track EP “Whole Heart” which is brought to life in her live sets with live drums, ambient synth and incredible live vocal looping assembling an awe inspiring live sound.