Blue Eyed Giants


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Blue Eyed Giant’s music amalgamates a plethora of rock sub genres. Equipped with crushing breakdowns and rhythmic intricacies, whilst exploring vocal versatility through screams and gentle melody. Life affirming songs that shift from engulfing heaviness into contagious, melodic delicacy. The band’s fierce musicianship in all fields showcases that they are pioneering a new unique take on modern alternative rock music.

Hailing from the flourishing musical city of Brighton, the band released three diverse songs under their debut E.P – Black and Blue in 2016. The title track explodes with tons of energy from the gritty vocal screams and bursts of complex guitar riffs. Conversely, the bouncy, pop grooves of “Divides” oozes with catchy hooks from all instruments. The EP is completed with the emotionally-charged concluding track “Up and Over” written about the departure of singer Nick Ward which subsequently caused their 2 year hiatus.

The band returned in full force in 2019 with the ear shattering track “No Brainer”. Having the music video featured on the highly respected YouTube channel – Dreambound, has attracted an influx of new fans.

Blue Eyed Giants are writing and recording new music ready to explode back on the scene in early 2020.