Blues Engine


It’s last call for drinks, but too early to dream away your sorrows.  Outside you can taste the rain, and a dark wind bites you as it races by.  You hear a sound that draws you to a threshold of a bar, a sound built of the old machinery of the blues, but with funk and soul and rock bolted on.  It shakes; it rattles; it dances; it lives.   That’s the sound of the Blues Engine. 

Blues Engine are Katya Chernyakova (Vocals), Alex Liutai (Bass), Ovais Hai (Drums) and Alex Cooray (Guitar).  The wind blew us together in London town, where we are now performing, writing, and recording.  We’ve made something that will untame your heart and make you feel alive.  Don’t spill out your troubles to the streetlights.  Pour them into the Engine, and we’ll grind them away to nothing.

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